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Potential Trump’s running mate, Sen. Tim Scott, says that “America was better off under Trump”

Over the past weekend, the former U.S. President hinted at considering Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota as potential vice-presidential candidates in his effort to challenge President Joe Biden in the anticipated November rematch. This possibility hinges on his success in securing the Republican nomination, where he is currently competing against Nikki Haley.

For the first time, Trump publicly revealed the potential candidates for the Vice Presidential role for the general election

Donald Trump holds a substantial lead over Nikki Haley, his only remaining opponent, according to polls. In recent weeks, an increasing number of well-known public figures have begun to openly speculate about who might be Trump’s vice-presidential choice in the very-likely general election rematch against Biden in November.

Trump hints at potential running mates

On Sunday, ex-President Trump stirred up more guesses about who he might choose as his partner for the 2024 election. He mentioned Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina and Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota as possibilities when talking about his preference.

During a chat with Maria Bartiromo, the host of “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News, Trump was questioned about when he plans to reveal his vice-presidential choice. He responded, “Not for a while. We have so many great people in the Republican Party, but not for a while.”

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Tim Scott responds to Trump comments

“The only thing I can tell you is that the one thing we need is four more years of President Donald Trump,” Scott told Fox News Digital on Monday. “We were better off under Trump. In order for us to be successful, the one thing I can’t afford to do is take my eye off the ball. The eye on the ball means making sure that President Trump gets four more years,” he added.

After revealing his criteria for a running mate, which included ensuring the individual would be able to step up and handle the presidency in the case of an emergency, Trump said he likely won’t announce a vice presidential pick “for a little while.”

“Always, it’s got to be who is going to be a good president. Obviously, you always have to think that because in case of emergency. Things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That’s got to be No. 1,” Trump said.

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Trump also mentioned he has already spoken to Sen. Tim Scott about the possibility, but he’s talked to other similar Republicans too. He told these potential running mates that he has more faith in them than they might have in themselves.

Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota also considered for the position

He complimented Noem, too, highlighting her public statement that she wouldn’t challenge him in a race because she believes she couldn’t win against him.

Trump also addressed rumors that his campaign had contacted independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about teaming up early in the campaign. He firmly stated that such a discussion “never happened.”



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