Florence News Journal team

Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams, the publisher of the Florence News Journal, is known for her dynamic leadership and commitment to journalistic excellence. With over a decade of experience in the media industry, Caroline has been instrumental in transforming the journal into a pivotal source of local news for Florence County and beyond. Her vision for quality, community-focused journalism has earned the publication numerous accolades.

Kinsley Brown

Kinsley Brown serves as the editor of the Florence News Journal. With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Kinsley has been a key figure in ensuring the highest editorial standards. Her background in journalism and communication, combined with a deep understanding of South Carolina’s culture and issues, makes her an invaluable asset in curating engaging and relevant content.

Henry Hall

As the news desk lead, Henry Hall is the driving force behind the Florence News Journal’s daily news operations. His expertise in news gathering and his ability to lead a dynamic team of journalists have been fundamental in keeping the community informed. Henry’s extensive experience in investigative journalism has also brought significant insight and depth to the publication’s news coverage.

Thomas Turner

Thomas Turner, a writer for the Florence News Journal, specializes in covering a wide array of topics, from local politics to community events. His compelling writing style and dedication to uncovering the truth have made him a favorite among the journal’s readers. Thomas’s ability to connect with the community and tell their stories is a testament to his journalistic integrity.

Easton Griffin

Easton Griffin is a writer known for his in-depth analysis and coverage of social and economic issues affecting South Carolina. His work at the Florence News Journal is characterized by a keen understanding of the local dynamics and a commitment to factual, unbiased reporting. Easton’s articles not only inform but also provoke thoughtful discussion among the journal’s readership.