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California Gov. Newsom issues dire alert on ‘corrupted’ Trump’s plan that could ruin America

The American public continues to hunger for official information and details about a recent Florida meeting between former president Donald Trump and top oil and gas executives, during which Trump allegedly sought $1 billion in campaign support in exchange for rolling back Biden’s environmental regulations upon reelection. The news, first reported by The Post, citing sources close to the meeting, comes at a sensitive time for the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, just when the atmosphere at the hush-money trial intensifies as the trial is set to continue this week.

Financial struggles

Trump’s campaign fundraising efforts have met with a lot of struggles since the beginning. Despite leading the presidential race, Trump still fails to attract the major Republican donors to support his campaign, most likely due to the ongoing legal processes that he tries to delay after the election. So far, Biden has outperformed Trump in raising money by quite a margin, as the former president uses a decent portion of the raised funds to pay for the legal services in the four cases against him.

A huge donation to catapult Trump to the White House

Although unlikely to happen, a potential $1 billion donation will skyrocket Trump’s campaign and clearly open the way to the White House since Trump’s team would be able to consistently run expensive ads for months. Trump’s demand, however, comes at a cost. He will need to roll back Biden’s environmental regulations on day one in the office and prepare a set of laws that would benefit top oil and gas companies. This scenario will undermine Biden’s years of efforts towards America’s green future.

California in the focus

California is at the forefront of Biden’s environmental regulations for a sustainable and gas-free future, as Gov. Gavin Newsom is one of the biggest supporters of these environmentally friendly efforts. Millions of Californians are dissatisfied with the state’s recent actions, as these regulations have increased the cost of living in the state. Additionally, the state is grappling with a significant budget deficit and plans to implement budget cuts soon. This is the reason for Newsom’s recent attack on Trump, which has captured the public’s attention.

Gov. Newsom calls Trump corrupted over allegations that the former president will roll back environmental policies once in office again
Former President Donald Trump speaking at a rally, Courtesy of Trump Instagram official

The details

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, labeled former President Donald Trump’s demand for $1 billion from the oil sector to aid his reelection efforts as “open corruption.” Newsom voiced this criticism during his address at the Vatican Climate Summit on Thursday, speaking to an international audience of governors, mayors, and leaders from both civic and religious communities.

“Former President Donald Trump, who just last week, I never thought I’d see this — I’ve heard it, but I’ve never seen it,” Newsom told the attendees. “Donald Trump, just last week, had oil executives convening, talking about his election. And he openly asked them for $1 billion to roll back the environmental progress of the Biden administration, the environmental progress that we’ve made over the course of the last half century. Open corruption.”

Gov. Newsom calls Trump corrupted over allegations that the former president will roll back environmental policies once in office again
California Gov. Gavin Newsom during Italy trip, courtesy of Governor Newsom Press Office X

Newsom warns of pollution crisis

“A billion dollars to pollute our states, to pollute our country, and to pollute this planet and to rollback progress in the open. This is the moment we’re living in, and it calls for clarity. And it calls for understanding of what we’re up against,” Newsom continued.

“It’s been said and I’ll repeat it: the polluted heart of the climate crisis are these fossil fuel companies that have been lying to us,” Newsom added. “They’ve been deceiving us. They’ve known the science. They’ve denied the science. They’ve delayed advancement.”

California boasts the biggest economy in the United States and ranks fifth worldwide. The state has achieved a milestone by utilizing 100% clean energy for the last 32 days. Newsom highlighted that California has consistently surpassed its ambitious environmental targets.

Gov. Newsom calls Trump corrupted over allegations that the former president will roll back environmental policies once in office again
Gavin Newsom signing AB2147, Courtesy of Newsom X

Official investigation

U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland and a senior member of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, revealed last week his initiative to seek explanations from nine major oil company CEOs. This action follows revelations about Trump’s proposed deal to scrap fossil fuel regulations in return for $1 billion to support his campaign for the presidency.



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