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GOP Congressman pushes Trump inch closer to jail after wild comments expose his secret plan in New York trial

As Trump’s hush-money trial in New York continues to be in the public spotlight, the atmosphere in the courtroom this week has been pretty intense, with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former ‘fixer’, testifying for the first time in the trial. Trump, at least according to his recent post on Truth Social, believes that the most recent developments in the courtroom were in his favor, claiming that the New York DA, Alvin Bragg, will drop the case very soon. Trump said Bragg will drop the case “to save lots of money and also the self-respect of his once revered office.”

The gag order in the focus

Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over the 2024 criminal trial of former US President Donald Trump in New York, issued a gag order early in the trial. A few weeks later, Judge Merchan fined Trump a total of $10,000 for violating the gag order 10 times. Trump finally decided to reduce his public criticisms of the judge, prosecutors, and their families after Judge Merchan warned him of potential jail time for repeatedly violating the gag order. And he seemed serious. Although Trump stopped violating the gag order further, he created a plan involving his Republican allies.

GOP lawmakers speak on Trump’s behalf

Dozens of Trump’s closest allies from the Republican Party, including GOP lawmakers and prominent conservative public figures, have made a one-day “touchdown” in New York since last week to support Trump. All of them spoke at press conferences and attacked the judge, the District Attorney Office, the prosecutors, and their families. All of them basically say the same, repeating what Trump cannot because of the gag order. The recent developments made legal experts call on Judge Merchan to launch an investigation if Trump was ‘feeding his allies with information from the case’ which could turn into a gag order violation.

GOP lawmaker exposed Trump’s hidden plan

“That’s why we went up there, so that we could say the things that this corrupt judge is not allowing him to say,” Representative Bob Good said on Fox Business Friday morning. “This is a judge who seems to get all the high-profile conservative trials up there, and his own daughter is raising tens of millions of dollars for the Democrat party off this very trial.”

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If Good made those remarks at Trump’s request, it would breach the gag order that forbids the former president from criticizing Judge Juan Merchan, the court staff, the prosecution, jurors, witnesses, and their families. This order also covers any comments made through others on Trump’s behalf. Judge Merchan has warned repeatedly that Trump is nearing imprisonment for multiple violations of this gag order, and Good’s statements have just pushed Trump inch closer to jail.

A sign of support

Recently, Good, along with other prominent Republicans such as Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, visited Manhattan to show their support for Trump. During their visit, they collectively targeted Judge Merchan and harassed his daughter. Good’s remarks mirrored those of his congressional peer, Representative Matt Gaetz, who spoke outside the courthouse in New York on Thursday.

“We are here of our own violation because there are things we can say that President Trump is unjustly not allowed to say,” Gaetz said, flanked by other Republican congress people. His words would be overshadowed by mockery from local New Yorkers.

Representative Bob Good exposed Trump's New York trial plan with admitting that Trump tells GOP reps what to speak on his behalf publicly
Donald Trump, credit: Deposit Photos

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The case

Trump is charged with paying off Daniels to conceal their affair before the 2016 election, assisted by Cohen, and faces 34 felony counts for allegedly falsifying business records to commit a crime. He has pleaded not guilty. Trump argues that the order hampers his defense against key witnesses like Stormy Daniels and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. He unsuccessfully tried to overturn the order in a New York appeals court. Despite this setback, Trump still criticized the lead prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, outside of court on Thursday, risking potential jail time.



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