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South Carolina Republican Jeff Duncan decides not to seek re-election in next Congress

South Carolina – Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) announced his retirement from the House at the end of the current term. This decision marks the end of a significant chapter for the South Carolina Congressman, who has been a prominent figure since his election in 2010.

Jeff Duncan, 58, entered the political arena as part of the influential Tea Party movement, contributing to the Republican Party’s control of the House. His decision to step down reflects a desire for rejuvenation and innovation in the leadership of South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. In his statement, Duncan emphasized the need for new ideas and energy, saying, “At some point in a career, one needs to step aside and allow others to bring fresh ideas and abilities into the fight for Liberty, just as I have.” He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve, noting it as a privilege and an honor.

The Congressman’s announcement carries a tone of finality and reflection, as he declared, “Now, it is time for another man or woman to serve our District in the next Congress. I will not seek re-election to the US House of Representatives.” This statement comes after a previous mention in September of a challenging and private moment for his family, about which Duncan has chosen not to comment further.

Duncan’s political journey began in the South Carolina House of Representatives, where he served for eight years before his tenure in Congress. During his time in Congress, he has been actively involved in the Energy and Commerce Committee, serving as the chair of the Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, and Grid Security. As a member of the House Freedom Caucus, Duncan has been a staunch advocate of fiscal conservatism, consistently pushing for reduced spending and tighter control over federal expenditures. He takes pride in his conservative voting record, particularly in areas of fiscal responsibility and American energy.

His retirement is part of a larger trend within Congress, as he becomes the 40th sitting lawmaker to announce his departure at the end of this term. Of these, 18 are Republicans, including Duncan, who are either retiring from the House or seeking different offices. This wave of departures occurs amid a particularly challenging period for Congress, marked by low productivity, internal conflicts within the GOP, and multiple crises, including government shutdowns and economic challenges.

Duncan’s district has been a reliable bastion for the Republican Party, with former President Trump securing the area by a significant margin in the 2020 elections. The announcement of Duncan’s retirement opens up discussions and speculations about his potential successor in this Republican stronghold. His departure signals a turning point, not just for the 3rd Congressional District of South Carolina but also for the broader dynamics within the House of Representatives.



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