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South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan built his entire political career on family values, but divorce papers show the other side of story

South Carolina – Jeffrey Duncan, a South Carolina Representative, admitted that his wife has the right to divorce him because he cheated. He also requested the court to stop her from speaking negatively about him in public.

This was disclosed in a five-page document he submitted in response to the divorce initiated by his wife, Melody H. Duncan. Melody had accused Jeffrey of cheating on her with lobbyist Liz Williams and possibly another woman, as per court papers got hold of. In his recent reply, 57-year-old Jeffrey, who supports MAGA, admitted to his affair with Williams but denied being involved with another woman.

“The parties were married on December 3, 1988,” the congressman stated in court documents filed in Laurens County Family Court. “The Defendant does not deny that the Plaintiff is entitled to a divorce on the statutory ground of adultery.”

Duncan asked the court to forbid his ex-wife to speak publicly about the divorce

He also made several requests concerning his wife in his response. Jeffrey asked the court for an order to stop Melody from getting rid of their shared property and to forbid her from discussing the divorce publicly.

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“[Jeffrey] is informed and believes that he is entitled to an Order of this Court enjoining and restraining [Melody] from discussing this litigation in a public manner, posting about this litigation on any social media sites, or making any disparaging remarks about [Jeffrey] on any social media site or in another public manner,” court documents stated.

Duncan, who has long promoted family values in his political life, requested the court to let him have Melody’s car for his use. He also suggested they each pay for their own homes and that Melody cover all legal expenses, arguing that her actions led to the legal dispute.

Duncan mentioned in his statement that Melody is physically fit, well-educated, and capable of working. He believes she can earn her living without his financial support, although he acknowledges his willingness to pay alimony. Melody filed for divorce in September, criticizing Duncan for presenting himself as a loyal and attentive husband, especially at a “Faith and Freedom BBQ” rally in August.

“[Jeffrey] then left the next day and went directly to the home of the paramour, Liz Williams, in the Washington, D.C. area where [Melody] is informed and believes he continues to reside,” Melody charged in bombshell court documents.

Duncan, the chairman of the powerful House Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, & Grid Security, remained mum for a few days before issuing a social media statement that veered from domestic remorse into right-wing mumble-jumble.

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“My family is dealing with a difficult and private moment and I’m not going to comment on a deeply personal matter,” Duncan wrote on X. “My focus is fighting on behalf of the people of South Carolina’s third district as we stare down the barrel of a government shutdown as the liberal extremists try forcing us to continue spending beyond our means.”

“I am proud to have one of the most conservative voting records in all of Congress, and that is the approach I will continue taking on behalf of my constituents to fight back against this fiscal insanity.”



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