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SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach, SC, is one of the tallest structures along the coast of South Carolina standing at 187 feet high. The SkyWheel is an attraction on the Broadwalk, just a short distance from the beach, that is more than a fun ride. It’s an observation wheel that provides people of all ages with stunning views and an unforgettable experience.

A work of art in design and engineering

Constructed in 2011 at a cost of $12 million, the SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach was a pioneering project in the United States. It was the first of its kind in the country, leading the way for other observation wheels. The wheel itself is an R60 Giant Wheel, designed by Ronald Bussink Professional Rides, and it remains one of the tallest of its kind in the nation.

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The SkyWheel has 42 gondolas made in Switzerland that are covered in glass. Each gondola has temperature control, so the ride is always comfortable, no matter the weather. They can fit up to six people and are a private and friendly place for families, groups of friends, or couples. The VIP gondola, which can fit up to four people, is also offered for an even more luxurious experience.

The SkyWheel ride, which people often call a “flight,” lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and goes around three full turns, offering visitors plenty of time to enjoy the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach’s fine sands, and the lively pier below. When the sun goes down, the SkyWheel turns into a beautiful light show. A modern lighting system with more than a million LED lights makes a stunning show, turning the wheel into a bright display of light and color against the night sky.

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An attraction for all seasons

Since it opened, the SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach has wowed tens of thousands of tourists every year but what makes it even more appealing is that it can be used all year. The climate-controlled gondolas make the trip enjoyable no matter what time of year you go—hot summer or cold winter.

More than just an observation wheel, this attraction is a symbol of the beauty that Myrtle Beach has to offer, providing an exciting and memorable experience for everyone no matter you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned local.



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