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Myrtle Beach and Coastal Carolina University to collaborate on new Performing Arts Center

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Myrtle Beach City Council has approved a joint venture with Coastal Carolina University (CCU) to build a new performing arts center, a move that seems like a big step toward improving Myrtle Beach’s cultural scene. This agreement, finalized on Tuesday, marks a major milestone in the development of the city’s Arts & Innovation District.

The council finished a process that started in February by approving a lease and operational agreement with CCU. This joint endeavor was made possible by the Board of Trustees of CCU promptly endorsing their portion of the lease agreement after the first readings. The proposed performing arts center will be located on Main Street, between Winna’s Kitchen and Sun City Café. Its ideal position is predicted to turn the center into regional center for cultural and artistic events.

Under the terms of the agreement, Myrtle Beach will lease the facility to CCU, which will use the space for a variety of purposes. The center will provide entertainment for the general public as well as students with theater, music, and dance acts. Reflecting its multipurpose architecture, the building will also be used for academic events, civic meetings, and other special events.

Taking responsibility for operations and programming, CCU will make sure the center stays an engaged and involved participant in the community. The City of Myrtle Beach will take care of landlord duties in the meanwhile, including exterior and structural maintenance. This division of duties aims to leverage the strengths of both parties, fostering a sustainable partnership.

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With a five-year initial leasing arrangement and an additional five-year option, CCU is committing to the project for the long haul. Even with all of the excitement over the deal, it’s still unknown when the facility will be built.

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This joint venture between Myrtle Beach and Coastal Carolina University is more than just a real estate deal; it represents a common vision for the future of the community. Both organizations want to bring in tourists, enhance the cultural fabric of the city, and provide regional performers and artists with additional opportunities by supporting the arts.



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