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Latina Bazaar Market founder presents: “Spanglish Small Business Expo”

Charleston, South Carolina (Press release) – Roxana Massie, proud Latina owner of “Latina Bazaar Market,” is thrilled to announce the grand unveiling of the “Spanglish Small Business Expo,” a premier event fostering unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the Charleston area.

Connecting beyond borders

Scheduled to take place at the Charleston Area Convention Center for the first time on July 13th, from 9 am to 5 pm, this groundbreaking expo aims to be the largest Spanglish Small Business Mixer Alliance. Organizers are expected to have about 63 exhibitors and vendors, delectable food trucks, and several mayors in attendance (still to be confirmed), so the event promises a day of connection, collaboration, and commerce.


“Empowering small businesses, whether Spanish or English-speaking, our mission is to cultivate a dynamic business ecosystem. By dismantling language barriers, we strive to establish a pioneering Spanglish business alliance, serving as the bridge connecting small enterprises with larger corporations. Our vision encompasses a thriving community engagement at our inaugural Spanglish Business Expo. This unique event seeks to create unparalleled connections, fostering a new era of collaboration, innovation, and success in sales and trade,” Roxana Massie said in the release.

A bridge to success 

What sets this event apart is its commitment to empowering small and minority business owners while promoting tradeshow sales and innovation. As the foremost Mixer Business bridge alliance not just in Charleston but across the state, organizers extend a warm invitation to businesses from other states to join them. This presents an incredible opportunity for local talent to shine and for businesses to collaborate on a national scale.

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Roxana Massie, proud Latina owner of "Latina Bazaar Market," is announcing the grand unveiling of the "Spanglish Small Business Expo"

Spreading the word

Organizers urge everyone’s support in spreading the word about the Spanglish Small Business Expo to helping them come together to empower local entrepreneurs, foster collaboration, and promote economic growth both locally and nationally.

Join the movement 

Follow Latina Bazaar Market on social media accounts to witness the continued growth of the business under the Latina Bazaar Market umbrella – the only Spanglish Mixer Business Alliance in the area.



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