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Last call for education aid: South Carolina’s school voucher program application deadline approaching

Columbia, South Carolina – Families in South Carolina are reminded that the time to apply for the state’s school voucher program is coming to its end soon. Last year, lawmakers in South Carolina started the Education Scholarship Trust Fund. Its goal is to give qualified students financial aid to improve their educational choices and opportunities.

Up to 5,000 South Carolina students to receive $6,000 each

The program was created to help pay for a wide range of school costs by giving up to 5,000 students who qualified $6,000 toward their education. The fund aims to help everyone get an education by covering things like tuition at public and private schools, books, tutoring, and even test fees at the university level.

Applicants must live in South Carolina and have attended a public school in the state in the past year in order to be qualified for this program. Also, their family income must not be more than 200% of the federal poverty level for the 2024–2025 school year. This rule was set to make sure that the fund helps the people who need it the most.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster supports the program aimed to helping families

Governor Henry McMaster, who strongly supports the program, signed the bill into law, stressing how it could have a big effect on the lives of children and their families. He explained how the program was not only a step forward for South Carolina but also a leap forward for improving the lives of many students by giving them better educational chances.

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Like the governor, Marie Owens, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of Charleston Classical School, said that the program was great because it aligned with the school’s purpose. By making high-quality education available to people who can’t afford it, the fund encourages a wider range of students to achieve their educational goals without having to worry about the high costs.

The application time for this significant project started on January 15 and will end on March 15, which will mark the first year of the program. Dr. Owens talked about the chance this fund gives worthy public-school students with WCSC: they can apply for a scholarship that could greatly lower their fees at schools like Charleston Classical School or any other school they choose

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Applications can be filed until March 15

As the March 15 deadline draws near, parents across South Carolina are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their kids’ education. This program not only represents financial assistance but also embodies a broader commitment to expanding educational opportunities and fostering a brighter future for South Carolina’s students.



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