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Florida Rep. Gaetz serves huge blow to Trump: “We don’t want another McCarthy plant in Congress”

As Trump is headed on his first post-guilty verdict fundraising tour in California, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of the former president’s biggest supporters on the political scene, has served him a huge blow. This totally unexpected development and move by Gaetz comes just when the majority of Republican politicians are rallying behind the presumptive GOP nominee after he was found guilty in New York last week in the hush-money case.

The relationship

Along with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gaetz is one of the most controversial far-right lawmakers. Gaetz is also seen as the politician who started the chaos in the House by filing the motion to vacate and later ousting then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a move that sparked a lot of debate and heavily changed the political landscape. The Florida politician is also considered a staunch Trump supporter who has been backing the ex-president and his narrative in the years since the 2020 election. But earlier this week, the ‘love with Trump’ might have come to an end.

The issue

Late in May, former President Donald Trump declared his support for Virginia state Sen. John McGuire, who is competing against Virginia Rep. Bob Good in the upcoming primary on June 18. Good, who leads the conservative House Freedom Caucus, had initially supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president, making him one of the few Republican figures to endorse someone other than Trump.

Unforgivable ‘mistake’

After DeSantis withdrew from the presidential race, Good quickly shifted his support to Trump and committed to helping him win another term in office. Despite this, Trump expressed dissatisfaction on Truth Social, criticizing Good for his delayed support and indicating it was insufficient

“Bob Good is BAD FOR VIRGINIA, AND BAD FOR THE USA,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee wrote in a statement. “He turned his back on our incredible movement, and was constantly attacking and fighting me until recently, when he gave a warm and ‘loving’ Endorsement. But really, it was too late. The damage had been done!”

“I just want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and the person that can most help me do that is Navy Seal and highly respected State Legislator, John McGuire, a true American Hero,” he added.

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Florida Representative Matt Gaetz endorsed House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good (R-Virginia), despite Trump's support for Good's opponent.
Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. Courtesy of Rep. Matt Gaetz on X

Gaetz going against Trump

Earlier this week, Representative Matt Gaetz endorsed House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good, despite Trump’s support for Good’s opponent.

“Vote for @RepBobGood,” Gaetz wrote on the social platform X late Tuesday night, reposting a separate statement from an X account that claimed to speak for all “MAGA” voters.

“I speak for all of MAGA when I say, we don’t want another McCarthy plant in Congress. We want Bob Good, one of the best legislators doing the people’s work in that disgusting swamp,” the statement, which Gaetz reposted, read.

Gaetz-Good relation

Gaetz has previously sided with Good against many in their party. This happened when Gaetz initiated a move to oust then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which Good and six other Republicans, along with all House Democrats, supported.

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Trump pushes Good further away from him

Recently, the Trump campaign issued a warning to House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good. On Friday, they sent a cease-and-desist letter to stop Good from using promotional materials that wrongly suggest he has Trump’s backing. The New York Post reported that the letter was sent after Trump’s legal team discovered yard signs in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District that misleadingly featured Trump’s name above Good’s

“It has come to our attention that your campaign is producing yard signs purporting to indicate President Trump’s endorsement of your candidacy,” the letter from the Dhillon Law Group read.

“You know that is false,” the missive continued. “In fact, President Trump has endorsed your opponent.”



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