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Democrat Schiff helping direct GOP opponent Garvey in California Senate race backfires, loses primary

Two weeks have passed since Super Tuesday and the California Senate race still seems to be in the spotlight after Republican won the primary race for the Senate. This outcome has surprised many, given California’s Democratic leanings. However, the state’s unique “jungle primary” system facilitated this scenario, raising concerns among some Democrats.

California Senate election process

The State of California employs a non-partisan “jungle primary” system, where candidates from all parties compete together for the first two positions. The top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, advance to the general election. This arrangement not only enables candidates from the same party to move forward but also encourages diverse campaign strategies to win voter support.

“Rigged” elections

The day after the primary, Democratic Representative Katie Porter labeled the election “rigged,” a term often associated with former President Trump. Porter, who came in third and thus is excluded from the November general election, faced backlash for her remarks on X, drawing criticism from within her party. Critics accused her of undermining the electoral process with her allegations, highlighting the tension her comments generated among Democrats.

Porter accused fellow Democrat

Porter directed her allegations at fellow Democrat Adam Schiff, who secured the second spot in the race. Through a sequence of posts on social media, she accused Schiff of diverting his campaign funds to sabotage her candidacy rather than concentrating on his campaign efforts. “We had the establishment running scared,” Porter wrote in a Wednesday post on X, “withstanding 3 to 1 in TV spending and an onslaught of billionaires spending millions to rig this election.”

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Schiff tactic backfires

Schiff’s strategy aimed to remove Porter early in the primary race, presumably making it simpler for him to defeat the Republican contender, Steve Garvey, in the general election. If Porter’s claims hold any truth, Schiff effectively bolstered his GOP opponent’s campaign while impeding Porter’s chances of securing one of the top two spots. However, Schiff efforts may have gotten too far because Steve Garvey has won the primaries in what many see as a surprise.

Schiff's strategy aimed to remove Porter in the primary, making it simpler for him to defeat the Republican contender, Steve Garvey
Adam Schiff

Senate primary race results

According to Associated Press, two weeks post-Super Tuesday with 95% of the votes tallied, Republican candidate Steve Garvey led the primary race with 33.4% of the votes, amounting to nearly 2.4 million votes. Adam Schiff follows, preparing for a November showdown, with over 2.1 million votes, or 29.4%. Garvey’s primary win represents a significant upset for Democrats in California, especially given the division among Democratic voters during the primary.

Schiff's strategy aimed to remove Porter in the primary, making it simpler for him to defeat the Republican contender, Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey

Well-deserved win

“As California’s votes are counted, it’s clear that our message of unity, common sense, and compassion resonates across the state. I am deeply honored by the trust and support shown in these preliminary results,” Garvey campaign spokesman Matt Shupe told the Washington Examiner.

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“Our campaign is about bringing together Californians from all walks of life to address our shared challenges. I will continue to listen, learn, and lead with compassion and work to build consensus on the real issues that matter to our communities. “I’m energized by our campaign’s momentum and ready for the challenge ahead,” he added. “I look forward to a spirited campaign on the critical issues facing us,” ,” he added.

Porter regrets her comments

On Tuesday, during an appearance on the Pod Saves America podcast, Porter expressed regret for using the term “rigged” to describe the election.

“I wish I had chosen a different word because what happened with the controversy was it took away from two really important truths,” she said as reported by Newsweek.

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She clarified that she never intended to cast doubt on the integrity of California’s election system, which she described as “careful, thoughtful, and outstanding.” Additionally, she highlighted that the significant issue of campaign finance reform was overlooked due to the focus on her choice of words.



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