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City of Columbia to hold Go Red for Women community photo op on Feb. 2

Columbia, South Carolina – In an effort to shine a spotlight on the pressing issue of heart disease among women, the City of Columbia is calling on the public to show their support by participating in the Go Red for Women community photo op. Set to take place on National Wear Red Day, this important event aims to foster awareness and encourage action against the number one killer of women.

Go Red for Women community photo op to take place on February 2

Scheduled for Friday, February 2, 2024, at 12:00 pm, the gathering will be hosted at the City Hall located at 1737 Main Street, specifically in the Council Chambers on the 3rd Floor. The city extends an open invitation to both the public and media to join in this free event, emphasizing the collective effort needed to combat heart disease.

The Go Red for Women movement has long been at the forefront of advocating for women’s heart health, urging everyone to recognize the severity of heart disease and its impact on women’s lives. By participating in this event, the City of Columbia hopes to contribute to the nationwide effort to save lives through increased awareness and preventive measures.

Attendees are encouraged to wear red on the day of the event as a symbol of their support and solidarity with women affected by heart disease. This visual demonstration of unity and concern aims not only to educate but also to inspire action among community members.

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Following the photo op, media representatives will have the opportunity to conduct interviews with supporters and survivors, offering deeper insights into the personal stories behind the statistics. This aspect of the event highlights the importance of community involvement and the role of media in spreading the message of hope and resilience.

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The City of Columbia’s Go Red for Women event is more than just a photo opportunity; it’s a call to action for individuals to engage with and understand the gravity of heart disease among women. By coming together in a show of support and awareness, the community can take a crucial step forward in the fight against this widespread health challenge.



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