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City of Columbia hosts online seminar for small business tax updates

Columbia, South Carolina – It’s tax season, and small business owners need to know everything about the latest changes to the federal tax rules. An online event called “Federal Tax Updates For Your Small Business” will be held on Thursday, March 14th organized by the City of Columbia’s Office of Business Opportunities to address this need. This webinar is meant to give small businesses the most up-to-date tax information. The event will be a key resource for people who want to easily navigate the complicated world of taxes.

The webinar will help small business owners with properly filing their taxes

This online event, will run from 3 to 5 p.m.  and is meant to help small business owners understand how to do their taxes. The webinar will be led by Evette Davis, who works for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and will provide information about the new tax changes and how they affect small businesses. The two-hour event is not just about tax compliance but also about taking advantage of the available resources and reliefs to optimize your tax position.

The presentation will go over a number of important topics that small businesses need to know about. Attendees will learn how to get to their business tax details online, which will make managing their taxes easier. The webinar will include information about penalty relief for businesses that got Employee Retention Credits by mistake, helping people figure out how to deal with this complicated problem.

A very important part of the webinar will be talking about the newest tax scams that target companies. Tax scammers are always coming up with new ways to take advantage of the system, so it’s important to stay up to date on these schemes to protect your business. This segment promises to arm participants with the knowledge needed to identify and avoid these fraudulent schemes.

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The Office of Business Opportunities for the City of Columbia wants to help small businesses by holding events like this one. If you want to attend and have questions, you can call or email OBO Program Compliance Specialist Kalenna Ginyard at (803)545-3950 or [email protected]. This webinar is a great chance for small business owners to get ahead on tax season and make sure they are ready for anything that may come up.



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