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Virginia rallygoers celebrate after Trump takes credit for bill signed into law in 2014. He won in 2016.

Trump dominated Super Tuesday, winning 14 out of 15 states, forcing Nikki Haley to suspend her campaign a day later. Trump won in Texas, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Utah, Arkansas, Virginia, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota, while Haley managed to secure the win only in Vermont. With these results in place, Trump has just made a huge step forward in securing the Republican nomination and facing Joe Biden in a rematch in November.

Growing concerns over Biden and Trump’s age

Since the 2020 elections, Trump has been constantly attacking Biden over his age, mental health, and inability to lead the country. Despite everything, Biden is now on the verge of being the Democratic candidate again. However, many now also question Trump’s health, as he has made numerous gaffes since the start of the campaign. Trump is now the same age Joe Biden was in 2020.

Trump’s repetitive gaffes in recent weeks

The Republican primaries are in full swing, and Trump, 77, is pretty busy with many public appearances, interviews, and rallies around the country. Having in mind his age, Trump is undeniably tired, but nothing can really justify so many gaffes, including mistaking Nancy Pelosi for Nikki Haley, forgetting Melania Trump’s name and calling her a Mercedes, and saying that Obama is the current president of the United States—a total of nine times!

Trump rally in Virginia

In a recent rally in Virginia, former President Donald Trump caused a stir and confusion by mistakenly claiming credit for veterans’ legislation that was actually signed into law by his predecessor, Barack Obama. This error came as Trump was actively criticizing current international politics and the U.S.’s standing on the global stage, specifically pointing out a lack of respect from international leaders towards the United States.

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Trump confused Biden with Obama, again

In his remarks over the weekend, Trump continued to push his message of “peace through strength” and took aim at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive stance on nuclear issues, suggesting Putin’s disrespect stemmed from his views on Obama. In doing so, Trump oddly blended his reflections on his political rivalry with Obama with commentary on the current administration led by President Joe Biden.

The most bewildering moment of his address was when Trump claimed responsibility for the Veterans Affairs (VA) Accountability and VA Choice Acts, to the applause of his audience.

“For our great veterans, we passed VA accountability and VA choice. That was a big deal,” Trump said which was followed by celebration and cheer by the crowd.

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This claim sharply contradicts the actual legislative timeline, as these measures were implemented during Obama’s time in office, a fact supported by historical documents and legal records. Indeed, a segment from Morning Joe on Monday on X highlighted that Trump inaccurately claimed credit for laws that were actually signed by Obama in 2014, two years prior to Trump assuming the presidency in 2016.

Trump caused a stir and confusion by mistakenly claiming credit for veterans' law actually signed into law by his predecessor, Barack Obama
President Obama Signs Bill to Give the VA the Resources It Needs | whitehouse.gov

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According to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website, President Obama signed into law the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (Choice Act) on August 7, 2014, calling for VA to implement the Veterans Choice Program. The Veterans Choice Program is one of the ways VA is improving access to care for Veterans.



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