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Trump’s numbers plunge after he was caught red-handed allegedly “selling laws” for campaign cash in Florida

A few days ago, California Gov. Gavin Newsom slammed former president Donald Trump and warned the public about the potentially dangerous consequences of a recent Florida meeting where Trump allegedly sought $1 billion in campaign cash from top oil executives in exchange for reversing several laws part of the Biden administration’s green agenda. In the absence of definite and official information about the meeting, the American public remains curious to learn more about the details, which, according to Insider, will bring top oil and gas companies more than $110 billion in savings if Trump keeps his promise.

Looming investigation

Days after The Post broke the story, Democratic members of the House Oversight Committee reached out to nine oil executives, requesting details about their recent meeting with Trump in Florida. The letters ask the executives to disclose if Trump suggested a “quid pro quo” deal. Trump is suspected of asking oil executives for a $1 billion donation for his presidential campaign during a meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort last month. The Post cited sources familiar with the meeting. Trump allegedly promised to reverse several important climate policies from day one in office, of course, if he wins the election.

Trump’s cash crunch

A billion dollars would dramatically exceed Biden’s fundraising. In March, the president’s campaign said it had $192 million in the bank. Biden’s campaign fundraising efforts have brought in much more cash than Trump’s, which constantly trails behind amid huge legal expenses for the four legal cases in different states. Trump has been spending millions on legal fees and relying on campaign funds to pay his lawyers.

Trump’s number plunge immediately

A large number of voters are upset with what seems to be a deal offered by Trump to oil companies, a survey by an advocacy group shows. The poll, conducted by Data for Progress and Climate Power, reveals that 58 percent of likely voters are “concerned” about Trump possibly getting a second term when they learn about his alleged promise to dismantle major parts of President Biden’s climate initiatives. Moreover, 61 percent of those surveyed said they would rethink their support for any politician who proposed such a deal.

Trump tight relationship with the oil industry

This information surfaces as more details about Trump’s close connections with the oil industry come to light. Earlier this month, Heatmap News revealed that supporters closely linked to Big Oil contributed $6.4 million towards Trump’s legal expenses in his New York trial over hush money. Furthermore, this Wednesday, Trump is scheduled to attend a fundraising event in Texas. This event is backed by Kelcy Warren, the chairman of Energy Transfer Partners, a major pipeline company, and Harold Hamm from the oil firm Continental Resources.

“We’re going to bring our economy back again, drill baby drill, we’re bringing energy prices way down,” Trump said in a Saturday interview at the National Rifle Association convention.

A total of 47 percent of independent voters indicated they would reconsider their vote for Trump after hearing about his comments in Florida.
Former President Donald Trump, credit: Deposit Photos

The numbers explained

The poll results should be viewed cautiously because voters’ reactions vary significantly when they know the comments were made by Trump, who is still very popular among Republicans. Although 42 percent of Republicans mentioned they would rethink their vote for any politician making such comments as those attributed to the former president, this hesitation fades when Trump is identified as the speaker. Upon learning Trump made the remarks, 42 percent of Republicans stated they would be more likely to support him, while only 12 percent said they would be less likely.

Problems in independent voters

However, given the tight race forecasted in most presidential election polls and the possibility of third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. influencing the outcome, any decrease in support poses a challenge for Trump’s campaign. This concern is heightened among independent voters, as shown in the survey, where 47 percent indicated they would reconsider their vote for Trump specifically after hearing about his comments at Mar-a-Lago. The survey included 1,231 likely voters, conducted between May 10-13, and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points

The survey’s findings are fueling a new attempt by climate groups to shave off independent voters in battleground states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.



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