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“That’s just stupid.”: Some Democratic voters will vote for Haley, top Democrat claims

Numerous polls from recent weeks show that Donald Trump is dominating his only serious rival, Republican nominee Nikki Haley. The results of these polls are not something we didn’t know. Trump’s support from voters and top Republican figures across the country is evident. In the eyes of millions of Americans across the nation, a head-to-head Biden-Trump rematch for the presidential seat later this year is more than certain.

Top S.C. Democrat claims that some Democratic voters are already planning to support and vote for Nikki Haley later this month

But Nikki Haley is not quitting. At least not yet. Even in the worst-case scenario for former President Donald Trump, seeing Haley slow him down seems unreal. Trump has already secured endorsements from prominent Republicans from all around the country as he is headed to reach his main goal – becoming a Republican nominee and then beating U.S. President Joe Biden. Such a scenario would most probably be the greatest political comeback ever.

“I have news for all of them. New Hampshire is first in the nation. It is not the last,” Haley said recently. “This race is far from over. There are dozens of states left to go, and the next one is my sweet state of South Carolina.”

Haley might get support from some Democrats in her home state

Haley can’t and won’t count on the support of those who prefer Trump, and this makes it a lot harder for her to seek alternate support, both from voters and public figures. But problems lead to solutions and opportunities. And according to Jay Parmley, the executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Haley might get the much-needed support in her home state, Palmetto State, from her opponents, the Democrats. He claims he has heard from some Democrats who are planning to vote for Haley.

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“Yeah, we have heard that is happening. It might be smart for Haley, but it’s stupid for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary,” he said. “She is just as bad as Donald Trump. My call to Democrats is, ‘If you didn’t vote for her for governor, why would you vote for her as the nominee?’”

How we got to the point that Democrats might support Haley?

While it’s not very likely for Haley to beat Trump even if some Democrats support her, there is a perfect scenario that makes all of this possible in Haley home’s state.

In Palmetto State, there will be three-week gap between the Democrats’ primary on Saturday and the Republicans’ Feb. 24 primary. This gives Haley a chance to win over voters who might not usually participate in a Republican primary. Since voters in South Carolina can pick which party’s primary to vote in, Haley and her team have three weeks to figure out who hasn’t voted yet and try to get their support.

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Haley also has a chance to get backing from independent voters, moderates, and dedicated Republicans. Even though Trump is very popular, there are quite a few Republicans who don’t want him to be president again. These voters are on the lookout for new ideas and a leadership style that’s different from Trump’s.

Haley presents herself as a politician ready to challenge the usual way of doing things in both parties. This could be her chance to stand out in her home state. Meanwhile, the Democrats are working hard to get their supporters to vote early, so they won’t be available to support Haley when the Republican primary happens.

“We are doing everything we can to talk to Democrats and get them to vote. Now we have some saying they may vote for Haley to try and stop Trump,” Parmley added. “That’s just stupid.”

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Trump and Biden are already shifting focus

Meanwhile, both the Biden and Trump camps have sent signals they want her to drop out so that they can turn their focus to a general election matchup they view as already set.



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