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Biden: Trump is the “sitting president” who “want’s to see the economy crash”

South Carolina – President Joe Biden’s recent economic speech in South Carolina, given over the weekend, was notable not just for its political content but also for a series of verbal slip-ups. The 81-year-old President, while attempting to solidify support for another term, inadvertently referred to Donald Trump as the “sitting president,” highlighting a moment of confusion in his address.

Biden’s Attack on Trump

In a dinner event celebrating South Carolina and its significant base of black voters, Biden aimed to bolster support for his policies and potential re-election. He critiqued Trump’s approach to the U.S. economy and accused him of failing to uphold the rights of black citizens, labeling such neglect a threat to democracy. “The American consumers are facing real confidence in the economy we’re building. Let me tell you who else is noticing that – Donald Trump,” Biden asserted in his speech.

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However, as Biden continued, he stumbled over his words, leading to the erroneous reference to Trump as the current President. This slip-up occurred as he accused Trump of wishing for an economic downturn: “Did you see what he recently said about – he wants to, he wants to see the economy crash this year? The Sitting President.”

Further intensifying his criticism, Biden branded Trump as a ‘loser,’ referring to an incident where Trump allegedly declined to honor fallen U.S. soldiers at a cemetery in France, reportedly calling them “suckers and losers.” Biden expressed outrage at this claim, saying, “The only loser I see is Donald Trump.”

Additionally, Biden emphasized Trump’s awareness of the robust U.S. economy, suggesting that its strength is politically disadvantageous for Trump.

Biden’s speech in South Carolina wasn’t his first recent public speaking challenge. At a Wisconsin Brewery, he mistakenly referred to Trump as a ‘professor’ instead of ‘predecessor,’ correcting himself afterward. His remarks included confusing statements about the brewing process, adding to the scrutiny of his public speaking.

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These instances underscore the challenges Biden faces in public communication, particularly as he approaches a potential re-election campaign. While focusing on critical issues like the economy and political rivalry, Biden’s verbal missteps have become a focal point, contributing to the ongoing debate about his age and effectiveness as a leader. Despite these challenges, Biden continues to push forward with his agenda, though his public speaking skills remain under close observation.



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