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“I started shaking a little.”: South Carolina man’s lucky $20 scratch-off ticket brings him $2 million prize

A man from South Carolina made an impromptu decision to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket, which proved to be a very good move.

The lucky South Carolina winner paid only a $20 for the scratch-off ticket

A spontaneous decision to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket turned out to be the right choice for one South Carolina man

This man, who lives in the Upstate area, didn’t originally plan to buy a lottery ticket. However, during a visit to a Speedee Mart store, he suddenly decided to purchase one. This was mentioned in a news release by the South Carolina Education Lottery on January 19. At the store, he chose a $20 scratch-off ticket, as confirmed by lottery authorities.

The amount he won was unexpectedly large, surprising the man, as stated by lottery officials. He ended up winning a whopping $2 million from that ticket, lottery officials reported.

“My mind was blown,” the man said in the release. “I started shaking a little.” Because his win came as such a surprise, the man told lottery officials he didn’t have any solid plans for how to spend it.

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The fortunate winner purchased the ticket in Clinton, located roughly 60 miles northwest of Columbia. The Speedee Mart store, where the winning ticket was sold, earned a $20,000 commission for the sale.

Lowcountry man wins $150,000

A Lowcountry man bought a few Powerball® tickets before Christmas and one of them gifted him $150,000.

“I was shocked,” he told South Carolina Education Lottery officials. “My wife thought I was crazy.”

He couldn’t believe how close he came to winning a jackpot worth more than half-a-billion dollars, when his ticket came up one number short in the drawing on December 23 (9, 14, 17, 18, 53 and PB: 6).

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He bought the winning ticket at the King Street Station at 356 King St. in Charleston. The store was rewarded with a $1,500 commission for selling the ticket.

The odds of matching four white ball numbers and the red Powerball® number playing Powerball® are 1 in 913,129.



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