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Florence County Sheriff’s Office and Florence PD arrested five people for car break-ins

Florence County, South Carolina – The Florence County Sheriff’s Office arrested five people, including three adults and two younger individuals, for breaking into cars. The sheriff thinks these individuals might be linked to more crimes like this. Early Sunday morning, someone reported seeing a person checking cars on Pine Needles Road near Florence.

Suspects arrested thanks to the person who saw suspects’ vehicle

Sheriff TJ Joye mentioned that the person who called in gave a good description of the car used by the suspects. This led deputies to stop the car and find stolen items from local cars inside it. The caller was able to point out the suspects and the stolen goods found in their car.

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The adults, named Alex Patterson, Jeremiah Burch, and Cortez Delay, were arrested and charged with breaking into cars and planning the crime together in Florence County. They also face similar charges in the city of Florence, according to online records.

The two younger individuals were sent to a juvenile justice facility in Columbia. Sheriff Joye shared that they are still checking if these five are responsible for more break-ins in the area and mentioned that the Florence Police Department is investigating their connection to other incidents in the city.

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“It matters when you notify us because this led to an arrest and possibly through the investigation is going to lead to more cases where these people have been going into cars,” Joye explained.

During the news briefing, Sheriff Joye highlighted the critical role of community members in alerting authorities about suspicious activities. He emphasized that cooperation between the public and law enforcement is crucial for enhancing safety, urging everyone to report any odd behavior they observe to the authorities.

Florence County Sheriff’s Office will protect the identities and safety to those who report crimes

Joye also addressed concerns about potential backlash against those who come forward with information. He reassured the community that he and his department are committed to safeguarding the identities and well-being of informants, ensuring their confidentiality and protection.

While discussing the ongoing investigation, Joye mentioned that he couldn’t provide specific details about the items recovered from the suspects’ vehicle, other than confirming that no stolen firearms were among the findings. He reiterated that the investigation is still in progress.

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Once the Florence Police Department and the Florence County Sheriff’s Office provide more details into the case, we will update this story.

Stay with Florence News Journal for more updates when available.



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