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FPD: Nearly $400,000 state funds to be used for installing 30 cameras across the city of Florence

Florence, South Carolina – The Florence Police Department has got $397,500 from the state to buy flock cameras. Captain Stephen Starling from the department says they’re putting up 30 cameras across the city. The Florence Police Department has a deal for 4 years and each year, the department will check how many problems these cameras helped solve or how useful they were in looking into things.

Cameras will be used for crimes, missing persons, stolen vehicles

Starling mentioned these cameras will help in finding out about crimes, spotting cars that have been stolen, and finding people who have been reported missing or being searched for.

He also said that they’ll place some cameras on places owned by the city and some on private land owned by local businesses and local residents.

“We are working with each individual property owner in regards to where and when the cameras would be installed. This is truly a joint effort between the community and the PD to get these cameras in locations that will be of the most benefit to the community,” said Starling.

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He mentioned that they plan to set up the cameras around the main entrances and exits of the city, including near the airport on Highway 76. Starling also said they’ll put cameras in areas with high crime rates.

Florence PD can look into the materials for a limited time

These cameras can keep information for as long as 30 days.

They’ll link the cameras to the National Crime Information Center. This center gathers info about stolen cars, missing people, Amber alerts, and other cases where a vehicle is involved.

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The Florence Police Department hopes that all of these cameras will be operational in the coming months.



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