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Trump ‘telling lies’ live on-air from the Texas border backfires with TV stations’ immediate responses

The former U.S. President Donald Trump is well-known for his controversial public appearances and opinions on different topics, but he is also best-known for telling lies, conspiracy theories, and spreading misinformation. Years after the 2020 election, when he lost against Joe Biden, he still uses every occasion to remind the public that the election was stolen, even though no facts have been provided yet. But Trump, being Trump, continues to spread misinformation and give controversial speeches in almost every single public appearance lately.

On Thursday, Donald Trump visited the Texas border to show direct support to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in handling the migrant crisis. While Trump has always been vocal about securing the border, especially at the time when he was president, the most recent border visit is most probably only part of his presidential run, in which he is expected to win the Republican nomination and most probably face Joe Biden in a rematch in November.

Trump was telling lies and shared misinformation live on-air in his Texas border visit speech forcing TV stations to act immediately

Trump and Biden visited the Texas border on the same day

Meanwhile, intentionally or not, Biden visited the Texas border on the very same day as Trump. The difference is that Biden and Trump visited different parts and towns at the border on Thursday. Biden met the border patrol agents, law enforcement officials, and local leaders in Brownsville, where he called on Congress to pass the bipartisan border security deal negotiated in the Senate that Republicans rejected earlier this month after Trump opposed it.

Trump’s speech backfires after spreading lies again

As expected, Trump had a completely different speech, yet again, filled with controversy and lies. Telling lies live on-air backfired as Trump was confronted by his very own Fox News’ Sean Hannity. But CNN went a step further and cut Trump’s speech after 10 minutes before the station started fact-checking Trump.

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CNN cuts Trump speech and fact checked him

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins began, “As we do after every Trump speech, it seems, we have to have a series of fact checks, because multiple times in just those brief remarks there, he made several lies, told several lies, about the border, also misrepresented his own past on the border in what he did while he was in office.”

Collins subsequently spoke to CNN’s self-proclaimed “fact checker” Daniel Dale regarding Trump’s assertion that “jails and mental institutions are being cleared out, and those individuals are crossing the border, a claim for which the Trump campaign has never been able to furnish proof, yet it continues to be a statement he repeats nearly every time he discusses the border.”

Trump was telling lies and shared misinformation live on-air in his Texas border visit speech forcing TV stations to act immediately

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and self-proclaimed “fact checker” Daniel Dale weigh on Trump lies on migrants

“He does, Kaitlan, Dale said. “I asked the Trump campaign, what is the evidence that unnamed foreign leaders are emptying out their institutions, their jails, sending people here as migrants? They couldn’t come up with anything,” Dale added.

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“He said that we see columns of fighting-age men. They look like warriors. There’s zero basis, Kaitlan, for this idea that unnamed foreign countries are surreptitiously using migrants to assemble some sort of anti-U.S. fighting force. You hear this on the far right. Even if you think that many migrants are economic migrants rather than true asylum claimants, that’s not an army. It’s just nonsense,” Dale continued.

To watch the full CNN coverage, click here.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity corrects Trump live on-air after telling false information

Even Fox News decided to correct Trump live on-air for telling false information during the Texas border visit. Trump accused Joe Biden that president’s visit to the border was organized purposefully on the same day so Biden can score political points with showing the cares for the migrant crisis. Trump accused President Joe Biden of only visiting the southern border on Thursday after learning about his visit.

“He found out that we were coming, you and I made this agreement two weeks ago,” Trump said.

Hannity interrupted the former president, saying that the interview was actually arranged “a month a half ago.”

“Oh really,” Trump laughed. “That’s interesting.”

Trump was telling lies and shared misinformation live on-air in his Texas border visit speech forcing TV stations to act immediately

The clip of Trump appearing to get his dates mixed up was posted on social media by Biden’s 2024 campaign team, who have frequently deflected criticism about the president’s age and cognitive abilities by suggesting that the 77-year-old Trump also can appear confused and rambling in his public speaking.

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