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Trump has raised the most money in Pennsylvania, Biden to seek support with new headquarters in the state

Earlier this week, the Biden campaign raised a record-setting $26 million in New York in one single night. Trump is set to hold a fundraiser in Florida next week, where he expects to raise a similar amount just when his campaign needs it the most. So far, the Biden campaign has outraised the Trump campaign as the former president struggles to get support from many prominent public figures, including some of his closest aides from when he ran the White House office.

Trump allegedly cancels rallies to save money

According to a new CNN report, Trump was planning to hold a rally in Arizona earlier this month, on the same day he rallied in Ohio to support his endorsed Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, but backed out at the last minute. According to the report, those plans were scrapped after clinching the presidential nomination, with two sources citing a desire to save money and attend a more politically advantageous event in Ohio to rally for Moreno.

Biden to leverage his position

Just like Pennsylvania, Michigan is also considered a key swing state, and Biden is losing support from three key groups: Black, Arab, and Muslim voters. In an effort to regain support and win these key groups, Democrats plan to have 30 campaign offices open in Michigan by mid-April, a strategy they say shows the strength of their ground game in a battleground state, The Detroit News reported. The offices will serve as organizing hubs for volunteers, according to a Friday morning announcement from the Michigan Democratic Party and Biden’s campaign, the report said. But in Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign has raised more money than Biden, which might be a warning sign for Biden in his bid for reelection.

Trump campaign has raised the most money in the Keystone State so far

In Pennsylvania, Donald Trump has collected the most campaign funds among all the candidates running for president, totaling $2.6 million since the campaign began. In just January, Trump raised $217,108. In February, Trump raised $456,000. Following him, President Joe Biden secured $2.3 million from the state since the campaign’s start, with $398,257 of that amount coming in January. In February, Biden campaign raised $767,000.

Warning signs for Trump

For Trump, a concerning point might be that Nikki Haley, his final Republican opponent and the former Governor of South Carolina, managed to raise approximately $9,000 more than he did from donors in Pennsylvania during the first two months of the year. Haley withdrew from the race in early March, just six days after the closing of the most recent financial reporting period. However, the substantial number of Republicans who still back her—or at least, those who do not support Trump—in primary elections in crucial states could pose challenges for Trump’s attempt to win back the presidency, according to experts.

In Pennsylvania, Donald Trump has collected the most campaign funds among all the candidates running for president since early 2023
Joe Biden rally, credit: Joe Biden, X – official

Nearly $7 million raised in January

From January 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024, a total of 24 notable presidential contenders, including those no longer in the running, raised around $6.9 million from contributors in Pennsylvania. During the 2020 election cycle, 35 noteworthy candidates raised $47.6 million in the state, while 25 candidates collected $25 million during the 2016 election cycle.

Some data and statistics

In January, Biden’s campaign received contributions from 2,384 Pennsylvania donors. Out of these, the majority, 806 (34%), donated amounts ranging from $100 to $499. Haley’s campaign saw donations from 2,847 individuals in the state during the same period, with the largest group, 859 (30%), contributing between $25 and $49. Biden’s campaign has attracted 27% of all donations made in Pennsylvania for this election cycle. He won 50% of the state’s vote in 2020. Trump, on the other hand, has amassed 34% of the campaign funds from Pennsylvania for this cycle, having secured 48.8% of the vote in the previous election.

Biden campaign opens new headquarters in Philadelphia

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party say they’re staffing up early in Southeastern Pennsylvania and concluded a swing through the state with a rally at a new Philly headquarters on Saturday.



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