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Texas border crisis: Biden admin slammed for planned and controlled destruction of our nation

The migration crisis, initially centered in Texas, is now expanding to California, putting a strain on southern communities and capturing nationwide attention. This has prompted both Biden and Trump, who are expected to run for president again, to prioritize immigration issues in their campaigns to maximize voter support. The Biden administration, in particular, faces intense scrutiny for the surge in unauthorized border crossings over the past two years.

Record number of illegal crossings

There has been a record-breaking number of unauthorized crossings, with figures reaching new highs twice in a period of less than eighteen months. Official records indicate that the Border Patrol reported 249,785 arrests along the Mexican border in December of the previous year, a 31% increase from November’s 191,112 and a 13% rise from December 2022’s record of 222,018. Consequently, a significant number of migrants are exploring alternative routes, mainly through Arizona and California, to enter the U.S.

Biden admin policies to blame for the surge

The Biden administration’s immigration policy has been a focal point of debate and criticism. Opponents criticize the administration for its perceived inconsistencies and ineffectiveness, citing continued stringent measures such as the expulsion of asylum seekers under Title 42, while also accusing it of encouraging unauthorized immigration with overly permissive policies along the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite President Biden’s assertion that his administration’s policies are balanced and aimed at tackling the root causes of migration, these efforts are met with considerable resistance and skepticism, making immigration a highly contentious issue in U.S. political discourse.

Biden admin now referring to illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers’

Members of Congress and right-wing media personalities made fun of the Biden administration for calling people who enter the country without permission “newcomers.” They said this term is just the latest in a series of nicer-sounding names for illegal immigrants. The White House shared a document to support a new border law that President Biden likes, saying the law gives $1.4 billion to local governments for helping these “newcomers.”

Members of Congress and conservative media personalities mock the Biden administration for calling illegal immigrants "newcomers.

This was scorched by the official House Republicans account on X, writing, the “Biden White House is now referring to illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers.’ Joe Biden is not serious about stopping the illegal immigration into the United States. This is a catastrophe by design.”

Members of Congress and conservative media personalities mock the Biden administration for calling illegal immigrants "newcomers.

The new term sparked a lot of reactions

This message got a lot of attention online, with many influencers criticizing how the Biden team talks about the issue.

“We’re witnessing the planned and controlled destruction of our nation at the hands of our own leaders,” former NCAA swimmer and women’s sports activist Riley Gaines wrote.

“From illegal immigrants to migrants to ‘newcomers.’ It is all an attempt to normalize this invasion,” media personality and radio host Lisa Boothe wrote.

“Biden Admin calls illegal immigrants ‘newcomers.’ California Gov. and politicians call homeless ‘the unhoused,’ and ‘clients,’” Katy Grimes, the Editor in Chief of the California Globe wrote. “What do they call US citizens – the people paying for their subversion?”

Prominent political figures also responded to the new term

‘ILLEGAL’ – Forbidden by law. ‘ALIEN’ – Terminology in Title 8 of U.S. Code to describe a person who is not a citizen or national of the United States,” Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., wrote. “If a noncitizen enters the United States unlawfully & without U.S. authorization, they are by definition, an ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN.’”

“Newcomers? The flood of illegals coming across our southern border are breaking the laws of the United States and many have been found to be known terrorists,” Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., wrote. “Let’s close the borders and enforce the laws of the land. Biden isn’t serious about the crisis at the border.”

“These are not serious people,” Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf wrote. “The American people want solutions, not the aggressive use of a thesaurus.”

“Just a reminder that the illegal ‘newcomers’ that ‘qualify’ include individuals who entered our country ILLEGALY and evaded detection for 14 days,” Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., wrote. “It also provides MORE taxpayer dollars for cities who have already received and spent BILLIONS aiding illegal immigrants.”



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