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SLED investigating Sunday evening officer-involved shooting in Charleston area

Charleston, South Carolina – On Sunday evening, a shooting incident took place at a Walgreens in West Ashley, South Carolina. Around 7 p.m., when police got at the scene, the shooting started resulting in injuries. According to reports by several Charleston area stations, the shooting resulted in two people being shot and injured, including a police officer.

This shooting is part of a bigger problem with gun violence in America. It’s causing a lot of arguments about gun laws. Politicians are struggling to find a solution, and some countries are warning their people to be careful if they’re planning to visit the U.S. Back in 2019, Walgreens and some other stores told their customers not to bring guns into their shops, even in places where it’s usually okay to carry them around.

Shooting at a Walgreens store in Charleston on Sunday – the details

Over the weekend, there was a new situation at a Walgreens in Charleston. The police got a call about someone with a gun near Old Towne Road and Ashley River Road on Sunday. When they got there, they found someone with a gun. It’s still not clear who started shooting, but in the end, two people, including a police officer, ended up in the hospital.

In cases where police are involved in shootings, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigates the case.

The good news is, neither of the two people in the hospital had injuries that were considered life-threatening. This information was confirmed by several sources in Charleston. The officer has already left the hospital and is expected to be okay. This was announced on Monday morning.

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Right now, we don’t have more information about the people involved, like their age, gender, or specific injuries. We’ve sent an email to SLED to get more details and their thoughts on what happened. As of writing of this article, SLED didn’t respond to our email.



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