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Ex-Illinois Rep. Kinzinger inappropriate comments on GOP and Trump immediately backfire

The former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger found himself in the spotlight because of a post on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, after commenting that proposed changes within the GOP’s structure could negatively impact the Republican Party in future elections. His remarks elicited a wave of criticism with some accusing him of betrayal to the Republican party, while others labeling him a covert Democrat.

Republicans don’t forget

Adam Kinzinger, alongside Liz Cheney, were two Republican members in the U.S. House of Representatives who participated in the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol riots. Their involvement in this committee was significant because they were among the few Republicans willing to publicly challenge former President Donald Trump’s narrative about the 2020 election and the subsequent attack on the Capitol. Both Cheney and Kinzinger faced significant backlash from within the GOP for their critical stance against Trump and their involvement in the investigation.

Losing their roles

For their participation in the committee, Cheney and Kinzinger were censured by the Republican National Committee (RNC). The party accused them of contributing to the “persecution of ordinary citizens partaking in legitimate political discourse” through their investigation of the Capitol riots. Although this censure did not strip them of their roles, it represented a clear rebuke from their party, ultimately leading to their marginalization. Kinzinger chose not to run for re-election, while Cheney was defeated in her primary election in Wyoming.

Kinzinger’s comments

This week, Kinzinger went on X to share his dissatisfaction with the changes made at the Republican National Committee (RNC) after Trump became its main influence. Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, got picked to be co-chair with Michael Whatley, a big supporter of Trump, taking the lead as the chair of the RNC. Kinzinger, who often criticizes Trump, called the RNC “Trump’s toilet,” causing many of his followers to react.

“The RNC, in deciding to become Trumps toilet and slush fund, is going to do real damage to down ballot races. They deserve it for capitulating How far they have fallen,” Kinzinger posted on X on Tuesday.

Kinzinger found himself in the spotlight after comments of the RNC changes sparked a wave of criticism with some accusing him of betrayal

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Republican National Committee leadership changes

Just days after Trump’s two close supporters were chosen to run the Republican National Committee, there were reports that the RNC was planning to cut over 60 jobs, including some top roles. This info came from people familiar with the matter who spoke with several major news outlets. The New York Times mentioned a source saying the party had around 200 people working for it by the end of last month. Lara Trump explained about what the RNC plans to focus on, like “protecting the vote,” and warned that anyone trying to cheat in elections would face severe consequences.

Mixed reactions

The changes in leadership at the RNC have led to a variety of opinions. Some, like Kinzinger, think the changes are a big mistake for the party. Meanwhile, supporters of Trump, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, see it as a reason to celebrate because Trump has finally taken over the RNC.

“MAGA is now in control of the Republican Party!! We will continue to need everyone’s help all the way across the finish line! Do not grow weary. Dig deeper,” Greene wrote on X.

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X users slam Kinzinger for his comments

Kinzinger commentary on X didn’t go as planned.

“Remember when you had a job?” user @LisaPurdue2 asked the former Republican congressman.

Another user, @KARMASABLEEP, commented “All of you are ordered to resign immediately and pledge your undying loyalty to the king and only the king before we will even consider you worthy enough work for King Trump.”

“I am convinced a teenager is posting from this Kinzinger account,” another user, @MisterG_144, commented.

@salty_alaskan accused Kinzinger of being a Democrat. He said, “Wastes of space like you need to be cleansed from the party. You’re a democrat wearing a republican pin. Tell us one thing where you differ with the democrat party platform. You’re a clown show.”

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Others support Kinzinger

Some users agreed with Kinzinger comments.

“As a Registered Republican I am saden how far the party of Regean has fallen,” @Sm1rt001 said to which Kinzinger responded with “Amen”

“Definitely wondering what all these candidates who have bent over backward to show loyalty to MAGA are going to do when they discover RNC won’t fund their campaigns,” another user said.

“Trump filed bankruptcy 6 times. He bankrupt a casino, who does that? Isn’t allowed to run a charity or university. He isn’t allowed to run his own business without a babysitter. As president he ran up the largest deficit in America history. How long before he bankrupts the RNC?” @DanielleCandela asked.



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