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Richland One students 16 and above could secure paid summer jobs and internships in new district program

Columbia, South Carolina – Richland One high school students seeking paid summer jobs and internships don’t have to look far—they can find opportunities right within the district. The R1 Teen Jobs/Internships Program offers work from June to August, with some positions potentially extending into the 2024-2025 academic year. Starting pay is set at $10 per hour. Departments hiring include Building Services, Nutrition Services, Advanced Academic Programs, and ThriveRichland.

This program enables students to earn academic credit, get a head start in their college field of study, or gain valuable workforce experience. Students can work up to 25 hours per week, with jobs and internships available in both semesters of the next school year.

“The R1 Teen Jobs/Internships will provide first-hand engagement for students in the workplace. These opportunities can be an important career exploration tool and help validate students’ goals. Students will also strengthen employability skills needed for the workplace,” said Dr. Charnice Starks-Ray, work-based learning consultant in Richland One’s Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE).

These roles are exclusive to Richland One students aged 16 and older. Students must have their own transportation, and the application deadline is May 23. Current positions are listed with more to come. Interested students should follow the provided links to learn more and apply, ensuring they complete the application fully.

Richland One students seeking paid summer jobs and internships don't have to look far—they can find opportunities right within the district.

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Students or parents who would like more information can contact Dr. Charnice Starks-Ray at [email protected].



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