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Heavy traffic on David McLeod Boulevard in Florence on Friday following deadly crash

Florence, South Carolina – On Friday, a driver who sped away from a car accident on the Beltline quickly got into another serious collision. This second crash, which happened head-on, led to the death of someone else.

The sequence of events started around 12:15 p.m. A white Chevrolet truck first crashed near the Walmart/Sam’s shopping area’s entrance on Beltline Drive, as reported by the Florence Police Department.

After hitting another vehicle, the truck driver reversed and sped away. In a rush, the truck swerved across the road near the Goodwill store and collided with the front side of a Dodge SUV. This impact made the truck overturn and badly damaged the SUV.

The person driving the Dodge died at the crash site. The truck driver sustained severe injuries and was rushed to a hospital.

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The Florence Police Department’s special team for investigating deadly accidents is looking into what happened.

Because of the investigation and the need to clear the crash site, the city closed Beltline Drive. This led to heavy traffic on David McLeod Boulevard and the surrounding roads.



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