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Trump’s messaging strategy needs repealing

on Tuesday, 11 July 2017. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

The American people voted for Donald Trump primarily because he became their only option to defeat Hillary and her socialist agenda, not because they were enamored with his personality and style of communicating. The Democrats were in total disarray after the November elections and with no immediate sense of direction. With a Republican Congress and a president’s bully pulpit, Trump could have easily moved the needle forward on his agenda with minimal opposition.

However, even after being elected, Trump continued his vindictive tweets demeaning any and all people who criticized him. His erratic behavior has gained him no additional public or Congressional support but has given the Democrats and the media a lifeline to rally their base with enough negative talking points to create distractions from the real issues in the country. With the lowest popularity rating in history for a president in his first six months, Trump has become the Democrats’ most valuable fund raiser and has energized a ground swell of grass roots political activism against Republicans for the 2018 elections. His job in Washington could be much less burdensome without his provocative tweets.

To use a sports metaphor, President Trump jumped out to a huge lead after the first inning, but by the sixth inning he lost his entire lead through multiple errors, wild pitches, and sloppy base running.

It is inappropriate for any person, media included, to show such disrespect for the office of the President of the United States and a sitting president. Past Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton had also been personally denigrated during their tenures, but they had the political acumen to refrain from lowering their rhetoric down to the level of their critics. The President has to be held to a higher standard than his critics because he is the President, and they are not.

President Trump’s unnecessary sexist response against a female CNBC commentator and his video parody of a wrestling takedown of a CNN logo were well beneath the dignity of an American president. This again played into the hands of the media who used these controversies for days as distractions from the positive issues of the week.

Having to defend Trump’s daily blunders through his tweets and public comments must have Vice-President Pence, the White House communications staff, and Congressional members pulling their hair out trying to sort out what the President will say or do next. A few Republican Congress persons have had the courage to speak out against Trump’s responses, and a large silent majority within Congress agrees that he should discontinue his shallow tweeting so they can better facilitate legislation.

The only way for America to become great again is for the Democrats and the media to reduce their obsession to destroy this administration, and for President Trump to quit inciting the public with his invective tweets. The two parties will never be political friends, but what America needs right now is more civility in its public discourse and less personal animosity from both sides.

Mr. President, please stop this inordinate fascination with yourself, and dedicate more attention on how to best govern our country.

Carroll Player, DDS

Litchfield Beach

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