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More civility is needed for peace in America

on Tuesday, 10 July 2018. Posted in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The recent public discourse on political disagreements among both parties, the Trump administration, and the media has gotten completely out of hand, is self defeating, and putting future bipartisan compromises on life support.

Regardless of the controversy at hand, whether it’s immigration politics or FBI/DOJ corruption, opposing sides are reverting to nasty personal attacks on each other. The political left and the media are supporting strategies of “hitting the streets” with emotional protests that will lead to violence. In the United States political disagreements are resolved at the ballot box, not in the streets.

The left once always demanded tolerance regarding free expression of thought, but now shows its hypocrisy by aggressively advocating intolerance with harassing protests against anyone who disagrees with them. The public bullying by profane protestors of Pam Bondi, Florida’s attorney general, when she was attending a movie, and a Virginia restaurant’s kicking out Sarah Sanders due to her political beliefs are deplorable. What is happening to us as Americans?

Obviously, President Trump’s exaggerated hyperbole through his self-absorption and vindictive tweets also do nothing but add to the disunity and flames even more reactions from the left. Most of Trump’s successful administration policies are commendable. However, his narcissistic habit of personally insulting people and the legislative leaders whom he needs the most to obtain Congressional approval of other policies will only exacerbate the separation between the Democrats and Republicans. Trump has become the poster child for the Democrats’ strategy for unprecedented fund raising and voter turnout.

Suppose that Carolina upset undefeated Clemson in the final game by the 2016 red/blue differential of 30-21, and for the next year the USC coach daily bragged about his victory as well as bashing the Clemson coaches and fans. How long would Tiger fans tolerate that abusive treatment? The head coach’s behavior overshadowed the win and generated deep animosity among former friends.

Interesting that the media has spent a disproportionate amount of air time creating public protests on the separation of illegal immigrant children but does not cover the hundreds of American children who are being separated per day from their parents under our country’s criminal justice system. Many U.S. citizen criminal defendants constantly bring children to court to gain sympathy for probation revocation and lighter sentences, but the courts still separate these children as their parents go to jail. They are then placed in the care of state agencies. Why does an illegal, non-citizen parent deserve better treatment for their children than an American citizen parent?

The public shaming of people with different opinions on both sides should come to a halt before there is a permanent division among our citizens. It’s time to tone everything down and listen to each other on a factual basis and not from an uninformed and emotional approach.


Carroll Player, DDS

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