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Letter to the Editor

on Tuesday, 20 November 2018. Posted in Letters to the Editor

The November elections produced a small enough blue wave for the Democrats to take control of the House, which was a big loss for President Trump since every House Committee chair will now be a Democrat who will stifle his agenda and open more investigations regarding his conflicts of interest.


These mid-term elections should have been a runaway win in the House and Senate for the Republicans if they could have focused the public’s attention on the economic growth, employment, and regulatory policies instead of a public referendum on Donald Trump and his divisive personality traits.


The Democrats outmaneuvered the Republicans with a more compelling grass roots message and a superior ground game that got out the anti-Trump voters. A lot of good conservatives lost due to the Trump resistance vote. The GOP’s lack of success in revising health care, the public’s biggest concern in this election, cost them many more votes. Even Democratic losses in strong Trump states were very close, which softened the ground for their candidates’ chances in 2020.


Trump also made the mistake of not spending more of his energy on appealing to the swing voters who carried him to victory in 2016 when he got more votes from white women than did Hillary. Trump’s irresponsible comments about females and race after his election drove women to the Democratic side in unprecedented numbers. There are many more women voters in America than male voters, thus it was self-defeating for Trump to even consider disenfranchising that large a voting bloc. This dynamic has created a huge paradigm shift in American politics.

Trump’s 2016 three electoral swing states with 46 votes, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, all went decisively blue this November. Unless Trump makes major changes in his messaging and his unpopular presidential persona, he is setting the table for more Democratic wins in two years. The DNC should send Trump a personal card of appreciation thanking him for his consistently rancorous rhetoric and his daily tweets of alienation.


However, the Democrats also lost some public support and exposed their double standards when, as they courted the female vote, they showed how low they can go by their assault on Brett Kavanaugh, the most pro-woman candidate in the field. He employed more female law clerks than any other judge in the circuit court system, and is the only Supreme Court justice in history to hire all female clerks on his staff, an initiative not even done by the three women justices on the Court. Interesting that the media downplayed coverage about the Democratic politicians’ sexual abusers and their paragon of virtue, Bill Clinton.


Another double standard by Democrats became obvious when Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders constantly railed against billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers, yet freely accepted their millions to fund campaign coffers, 50% more than the size of the Republican contributions. Activism from billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros’ $18 billion Open Society Foundation had an immense impact on the media exposure, street protests, and the election outcome. Their influence made the Koch Brothers look like choir boys.


An additional disturbing Democratic campaign tactic was to publicly denigrate as unpatriotic all women, young people, and African-Americans who even considered voting for any Republican candidates. Intelligent women, GenXers, and minorities everywhere should be insulted by Democrats implying that they cannot think for themselves but have to blindly vote for a Democrat regardless of the candidate’s ability or philosophy.


During the campaigning, the media blew out of proportion anecdotal stories about racial and gender abuses in an effort to feed the false frenzy of a racially divided America. With 327 million citizens in the U.S., probably 90-95% of whites and blacks have cordial, respectful relationships in our communities. Fewer than 5% (16 million or fewer) are the disruptive/bigoted individuals who create all the problems but get most of the publicity.


Who won the mid-term elections? Both parties finished at the bottom. America lost because the partisan sniping and discord are still just as bad after the elections. Time for both sides to compromise, work together for the best interests of our citizens, and reunite this country.


Carroll Player, DDS – Florence

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