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Identity politics is dividing America

on Tuesday, 02 January 2018. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

The past two years of political partisanship, where political parties and universities have been utilizing the mainstream media to promote a distorted narrative of distrust and hate among our citizens, are creating an unhealthy division within our country.

America has the most diverse society in the world, and yet offers more available opportunities than any other country. Of the 320 million people in America, 95 % of all these citizens of multiple backgrounds are basically not racists but simply want to raise and educate their children in a safe environment and be good neighbors. For every negative identity story in the media, there are thousands of people on interracial committees successfully working to foster respect for each other.

The media talking heads and the elite leftists have short memories. Witness the recent period of the past 30 years, and you will see more African-Americans and women who have successfully achieved high positions in the business world and in public leadership roles than ever before in American history.

The sexual harassment issues should not become a part of the identity politics discussion. This subject is a non-partisan issue and a national concern that deserves a unified show of contempt for such behavior.

The divide and conquer strategy of identity politics has historically been useful only to foster polarization of targeted groups to gain election votes. Hillary Clinton essentially lost her election due to her flawed strategy of courting minority groups. Her campaign website had links primarily related to ethnic, racial, religious, and gender groups, but almost no links related to a shared vision of a united American community. Consequently, citizens voted mostly against Hillary than they did for Donald Trump.

Many individuals in specific minority groups can logically think for themselves and may not agree with their majority, so to paint all of them with the same broad brush is demagoguery in itself.

Too many students on college campuses are being misguided by a growing number of leftist faculties who beat the drum of hate speech and anti-capitalism. Advocating free speech was once the main mantra of American colleges. Now the students with little knowledge of American history or of the murderous fascist regimes of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin are being encouraged to shout down any student who offers an opposing opinion as a racist or a fascist. If these student snowflakes inside their protective bubble of self-indulgence can’t tolerate open debate on divisive issues, how can they ever be effective in the competitive world after college?

Even some liberals are becoming uncomfortable with these radical anti-American attitudes. In the spirit of reconciliation, we should better educate our students and citizens to recognize our past national history and make amends with that history by finding commonality with people different from us in the workplace and in our neighborhoods.

May we enter this New Year with a unified sense of respect for one another and move away from these identity agendas.

Carroll Player, DDS


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