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I-73 would be great, but we can’t afford it

on Tuesday, 18 July 2017. Posted in Letters to the Editor, Opinions

I have decided that I must have a Bugatti Chiron. It is the most powerful, fastest, most luxurious, exclusive production car ever. Never mind that it costs $3-million, a new set of tires probably cost $10,000 or more, an oil change likely $1,000, or more and I would have to trailer it to Miami to get almost anything done or hire someone of the highest integrity to do it for me. I won’t worry about all that and the cost to insure a $3-million car that will reach a speed of 261 mph.

I am kidding of course to make a point about Interstate 73. The American interstate system is wonderful. The condition of the interstate system is not so wonderful, same for roads in general. Roads are very expensive to build and maintain. Unless I am mistaken interstate roads are mostly built with federal tax dollars, but mostly maintained with state dollars. The federal government (that’s us the taxpayers) is in an unfathomable amount of debt and it is not even slowing down. Most of the blame goes to the United States Congress not the President unless you count flying around in an airplane that costs about $190,000 an hour to fly and two of them plus several others tag along on ALL trips the President makes. What do trips to Hawaii cost?

I-73 would be great if we could afford it, but we can not afford it, period. In fact there is a huge amount of tax dollars being spent on things we can’t afford any more than I can afford a Bugatti car. Local, state and federal government has got to start operating on and sticking to a budget or we as a country are doomed to destruction. But, there is talk of once again raising the debt ceiling. Doing that is criminal.

Dave Hicklin, Florence

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