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SLOAN COLUMN: Praise God and Little Debbie

on Monday, 25 July 2022. Posted in Columns, Local News


    “Hey preacher, where’s the ice cream?”

  Those were the words I heard as people filed into church at Patrick Presbyterian a couple of Sundays ago.

I had absolutely no clue what this lady was talking about.

“No,” I said, standing at the lectern in the pulpit. “I mean … I don’t know. Should we have ice cream?”

   “I thought you knew that today is National Ice Cream Day,” she remarked with a smile crossing her face. “I figured we were going to talk about how we can ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ and eat some ice cream.”

     I breathed a sign of relief, realizing it was not a serious inquiry. Just a little fun with the preacher, though I must admit it was a rather good idea. I wonder when the next time National Ice Cream Day will fall on a Sunday?

     We gave thanks for ice cream during our sharing of joys and concerns. I mentioned it was the perfect excuse to enjoy some ice cream and encouraged everyone to do so. I told them we should show greater appreciation for the small, often overlooked joys in life, like ice cream.

      We spent a few moments reminiscing on homemade ice cream and everyone’s favorite flavor.

            My family had good intentions of enjoying some ice cream that Sunday, but in all the hustle and bustle we never got around to it. We vowed to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Monday, albeit a little belatedly.

         Leaving work Monday afternoon, I dropped by Walmart on the way home to complete one very important mission: Get ice cream! I’m betting the crew would not have let me in the front door without it.

      I strolled down the ice cream aisle, passing freezer after freezer in search of some colorful, maybe unicorn, ice cream for the little one and maybe some heavenly hash or rocky road for the rest of us. On the endcap of the aisle I discovered ice cream nirvana.

         I could not help but just stand there for a moment, simply in awe of what my eyes beheld. They looked so delicious and enticing, each one a little pint-sized angel of bliss. The colorful cartons seemed to call out -

        “Come on Bob, try me.

You know you want to!    ” Who knew that Little Debbie made ice cream? Obviously, not I. But there they were:

Oatmeal Cream Pie

Swiss Roll

Zebra Cakes Nutty Buddy

Strawberry Shortcake

Roll Honey Bun

Cosmic Brownie

Star Crunch

Unicorn Cakes

     For just a few moments I actually considered which of these beauties I would bring home. I quickly came to the realization that such a decision was impossible. I had no choice but to buy them all. Hey, we were celebrating National Ice Cream Day, right?

Little Debbie, operated by McKee Foods'

, released the first six of these snack cake-inspired ice creams in February. They released the final two – Star Crunch and Unicorn Cakes – in May. The company decided to make its big dip into the ice cream game after enjoying great success this past December with its limited-time-only Christmas Tree Cake-flavored ice cream.

            I chastised myself, thinking how could I have been so oblivious to all this frozen sweetness all this time? I came to terms with my faults, admitted to my waywardness and put in all behind me. It didn’t matter now, because by the grace of God I now held in my hands (well, in my shopping cart), every flavor Little Debbie Ice Cream available.

        My octuplet of sercies was met with great joy by the family. I basked in their approval and thanked God for Little Debbie.      

      That night we tried them all. My favorite was the Oatmeal Cream Pie. It was even better than I expected. Deb fell in love with the Honey Bun. Jules tasted the Nutty Buddy and each bite was followed by an “Oh My God!” Surprisingly, little Lexi was smitten with the Zebra Cakes.

           We each took turns tasting them all. Each of us had our favorite, but the honest truth is that they were all really, really, really good.

        Should we have doubted that it would be? Not a chance.

God is good, y’all, and so is Little Debbie Ice Cream.

Contact Editor Bob Sloan at editor@florence

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