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  • Circle Park Behavioral Health Services recognizes National Recovery Month

Circle Park Behavioral Health Services recognizes National Recovery Month

on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. Posted in Good life, Local News

From left, Holly Morrison, Supervisor of Treatment Services, and Matthew  Jeffords, Peer Support Specialist I at Circle Park Behavioral Health Services.

September is recognized as National Recovery Month. During this month, Circle Park Behavioral Health Services, a name synonymous with the care for those seeking help with addictions, uses the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of substance use disorders and recovery. Matthew Jeffords and Holly Morrison of Circle Park shared they are glad that the estimated 23 million Americans in recovery have an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated during September. As an organization, Circle Park makes every effort year round to collaborate with other organizations such as FAVOR (Faces and Voices of Recovery) in the community to assist and support individuals and families in the recovery process from the disease of addiction.

Circle Park’s treatment services are offered during normal business hours and early evenings Monday–Friday and directly serve nearly two thousand individuals each year. This availability is especially important during a time when alcohol and other drugs are misused more than ever as a coping mechanism for trauma and societal ills. The mission of Circle Park is to reduce the impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse on the citizens of Florence County by providing high quality and cost-effective behavioral health services. It is the designated and primary authority on alcohol and other drug abuse services in Florence County.

Circle Park provides several programs that focus on supporting the stages of recovery. Matthew Jeffords, a Peer Support Specialist with the agency, discussed the Peer Support program and its design to help patients engage in services offered by Circle Park. “With peer support, the goal is to eliminate reoccurrences with substance use. Patients are encouraged to attend small peer groups so that they can communicate and understand the struggles that accompany addiction recovery.” As a person in long-term recovery, Matthew’s work as a Peer Support Specialist provides insight into the world of addiction for those who may not understand recovery and for those who are in the recovery process.

One new and exciting on-site program that the agency provides to support recovery is Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). This is a research-based and highly effective program for patients who need medication to reduce cravings, avoid withdrawal symptoms and increase the likelihood of continuing in recovery. Mrs. Holly Morrison, Supervisor of Treatment Services, reports, “We have had 72 people enter the MAT program since January 2018 when we implemented the program. This is 72 people who otherwise might have overdosed in Florence County.” The patients who are being weaned from drugs are simultaneously attending counseling and participating in peer support services to strengthen their recovery skills. This holistic approach includes an on-site nurse practitioner who assesses and prescribes the appropriate medication specific to the patient’s symptoms. The patient’s prescription is then filled by local pharmacies, as no medications are housed or available at Circle Park.

Families and friends can also play an important role in recovery. One way is to participate in the agency’s Family Education Support service. This program educates and engages family members in how to appropriately support their loved ones on the path to recovery. This support can often be the essential piece of a successful recovery.

Holly Morrison has been employed with Circle Park for more than 15 years. Her work has afforded her the opportunity to engage patients through programs that supports their recovery process. She stated that it has been wonderful to be a part of the growth of Circle Park. Her earliest memory of being a part of the organization is having a small desk in a corner of a small office. Today, Holly and the rest of the staff work in a state of the art building located at 238 South Coit Street. She said that since they moved from their Gregg Avenue location two years ago, growth has continued to occur and every office and the seven group counseling rooms are being utilized to meet the patient’s and community’s needs. Mrs. Morrison discussed that grant funding helped to finance many of their innovative and successful programs that were not available a few years ago such as MAT and peer support. She shared “Drug addiction is not a simple problem with a simple solution and often results from a variety of personal traumas. The scientific research behind drug addiction has created a need for funding for new, innovative and effective approaches to team with traditional proven approaches. I am excited that we as an agency continue to aggressively pursue resources to support our mission. This gives us the opportunity to provide the most effective recovery tools available for our patients.”

To contact Circle Park for more information or to utilize their services, call 843-665-9349 or visit www.circlepark. com or the agency’s Facebook page.­­

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