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Florence Track Club having a great season

on Wednesday, 24 June 2015. Posted in News, Sports

TAYLORS – The beginning of the heat wave for South Carolina crept in as the heat was turned up for the young athletes of the Florence Track Club at last weekend’s USATF Jr. Olympic State Championships.

A total of 27 Florence Track Club records were broken by athletes on the team who took nine state gold medals, 12 second place silver medals, and 14 third place bronze medals. The top 12 in each gender/age group have the opportunity to advance to the Regional competition in Hoschton, GA, July 9-12. For the Florence Track Club, a club sponsored by the City of Florence Parks and Recreation, 86 athletes have earned the right to advance. One athlete, Kaleb Burroughs, swept the competition by winning a gold medal in all three of his events – a first for the Florence Track Club since 2004.

Those taking State Champion Gold medals were Kaleb Burroughs in the 8 and under boys division for javelin (21.78m), 1500m (5:56.46), and 800m (2:53.80); Kamille Cunningham (9-10 female) for high Jump (1.05m), and long jump (3.76m); Julia Rowe (13-14 female) for 3000m racewalk (23:38.24); Caelin Sloan (9-10 female) 1500m racewalk (11:07.17); Madison Hindman (11-12 female) for javelin (22.82m); and Savannah Jordan (11-12 female) with a high jump of (1.35m).

Those taking a second place silver medal were Hahsaun Wilson (11-12 boys) for the 100m (13.29) and the 200m (27.42); Arthur Parham (9-10 male) for javelin (30.15m); Benjamin Bonds (17-18 male) 1500m (4:53.37); Cassie Hitch (9-10 female) for high jump (1.00m); Ja’Marcus Williams (8 and under boys) long jump (3.21m); Julian Duncan (9-10 male) for 1500m (5:41.10); Kaitlyn Brooks (13-14 female) for 3000m racewalk (24:58.75); Kennedy Scott (8 and under female) for long jump (2.55m); Luke Baker (13-14 male) for triple jump (9.54m); Lyera Garguilo (11-12 female) for long jump (4.42m); and Sanne Verkoeijen (8 and under female) for the 1500m run (7:03.03).

Those taking a third place bronze medal were Ashley Pooler (9-10 female) in long jump (3.27m); Baker Hanna (15-16 female) in the 3000m racewalk (22:56.49); Dakhi Thomas (8 and under male) for shotput (3.75m); Darrian Cole (15-16 female) for 1500m run (5:55.07); Hannah Wagner (13-14 female) for 3000m racewalk (36:32.43); Ja’Marcus Williams (8 and under male) for the 100m dash (15.20); Jatorri Bartell-Gray (11-12 male) for shotput (8.74m); Jazmyne Lyde (11-12 female) for shotput (8.25m); Kaylanna Burroughs (8 and under female) for 800m run (3:19.97); Kennedy Scott (8 and under female) for 400m dash (1:20.33); Thandi Stewart (11-12 female) for discus 17.90; and Tyae McWhite (11-12 male) for the 80m hurdles (15.21). In addition the 4x100 team (9-10 boys) of Denim Johnson, Kameron Jones, Landon Drinkard, and Omar Stewart (1:09.64), and the team of (13-14 boys) Anthony SantiAnna, Kalib Jones, Nicholas Boatwright and Winston Stewart (52.16) placed third as well.

Taking fourth place were Alexis Howle (8 and under female) in the 1500m run (7:04.85); Antonio Dinkins (15-16 male) with high jump (1.70m); Brittany Sloan (8 and under female) in javelin (8.27m); the (13-14 male) 4x100 team of Gaige Johnson, Jordan Hilton, Jordan Stevenson, and Luke Baker (1:00.14); Harriotte Davis (17-18 female) with the 800m run (2:40.80); Jack Banner (11-12 male) with the 3000m run (11:51.38); Janie Wagner (15-16 female) in javelin (15.50m); Jarius Brooks (8 and under male) in shotput (3.60m); Jazmyne Lyde (11-12 female) with a discus throw (17.03m); Julian Duncan (9-10 male) with an 800m run (2:50.94); Kamryn Davis (9-10 female) in javelin (14.15m); Lyera Garguilo (11-12 female) in the 100m dash (13.78); Omaryion Boatwright (11-12 male) in javelin (14.15m); Salvage Ellis (17-18 male) in the 100m dash (11.51); Sanne Verkoeijen (8 and under female) in the 800m run (3:30.94); Savannah Jordan (11-12 female) in javelin throw of 19.40m; Teasia Green (15-16 female) in the 100m hurdles (19.93); Thandi Stewart (11-12 female) in shotput (7.84m); Toneisha Yarbrough (17-18 female) in the 400m hurdles (1:15.03); and Winston Stewart (13-14 male) with a javelin throw of 33.70m and a discus throw of 27.71m.

Those taking fifth place were Anthony SantiAnna (13-14 boys) in javelin (31.47m), 100m hurdles (19.40), and shotput (8.75m); Benjamin Bonds (17-18 men) in the 800m run (2:10.84); Christian Williams (9-10 male) in shotput (5.97m); Janie Wagner (15-16 female) in discus (15.90m); Jazmyne Lyde (11-12 female) in javelin (19.21m); Jordan Lyde (15-16 male) in javelin (28.72m) and discus (29.74m); Kameron Jones (9-10 male) with a high jump of 1.00m; Kaylanna Burroughs (8 and under female) in 400m run (1:25.83); Luke Baker (13-14 male) in both the pole vault (2.45m) and high jump (1.45m); Morgan Banner (9-10 female) in javelin (13.99m); Osei Stewart (15-16 male) in shotput (9.70m); Sam Jordan (9-10 male) in high jump (1.00m); and Samone Green (13-14 female) with a long jump of 4.17m.

Some listed above qualified in other events as well. In addition, those who qualified in the top 12 of their age/gender category include Saphire Abraham, Cameron Alderidge, Klay Baker, Emily Bonds, Daniel Burckhalter, D’el Burt, Edyn Cunningham, Xavier Davis, Quentin Dixon, Belicia Fraser, Jacob and Jamie Gard, Sanaa Griffin, Eaddy Hanna, Laura Head, Caleb Hickmon, Trace Hudson, Michael Jones, Zane Morris, Mary Tindal Parham, Riana Patel, Caroline and Luke Shealy, Aria Sloan, Sarah Spence, Hidde Verkoeijen, Faith and Lane Ward, Jasmine Watson and Syriana Wright.

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This has been one of the Florence Track Club’s biggest and best seasons, with over 200 athletes participating throughout the track and field season. The athletes who will go on to the Regionals in Georgia will see a whole new level of competition, and are readying themselves and will be prepared for the challenge, commented FTC Coach Alicia Truman.

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