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Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Monday, 22 May 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

I enjoy taking on various DIY projects at home. It feels great to fix 
something that I knew nothing about a few days ago! Sometimes, however, I 
get in over my head. I've found a way to solve that too. I call the union 
hall for the appropriate trade. Often they can refer an apprentice to help 
finish the job. Sometimes a regular union member will come along to 
supervise, but even if they do, the hourly rate is less than on a regular 
service call. I save money and the apprentice gets needed experience and 
some income.

Easy Emergency Fund

Here's an easy way to find money for your emergency fund. Since I get paid 
every two weeks, I have my monthly budget planned around using both 
paychecks to cover my expenses. A couple of times per year, I get three 
checks in the same month. When that happens, I take the extra check and put 
the whole thing into my emergency account. My monthly expenses are covered 
and so are those unexpected bills that happen.

Ask the Butcher

Does your grocery store have a butcher on site? If so, you want to make 
friends with him/her. I frequently ask mine which meat cuts he recommends 
for value. Sometimes he'll tell me that they have some extra from 
yesterday's special or something that they have too much of that he can 
give me a discount on. Getting to know him has made a big difference in my 
family's diet. As a single mom, I have to watch my budget carefully. Buying 
our meats at a discount helps us to eat well when I don't have much to spend.

Before You Leave On Vacation...

Before your vacation, use your phone to take pictures of your driver's 
license, passport, a list of your credit cards, and the inside of your 
suitcase if you're flying. If anything gets lost or stolen during your 
trip, you'll have proof of what was there. Two years ago, I lost my bag, 
including my driver's license. Fortunately, I had a picture of the list of 
phone numbers for my credit cards, so I could keep anyone from using them. 
I couldn't replace my driver's license until I got home but figured if I 
got pulled over I'd show them the picture of my license to prove I had one. 
It still wasn't something I'd wish on anyone, but it could have been much 
worse to be 1300 miles from home without anything.

Shopping the Edges

Most of us shop the grocery store aisle by aisle. That way, we don't forget 
anything on our list. I've learned that the healthiest and cheapest foods 
are on the outside aisles and in the back of the store. Therefore, I now 
avoid the aisle with the freezer that holds all the microwave dinners. I 
still hit a few in the center like the one that has bags of rice and pasta 
and the condiments. I find that cooking from scratch takes a little more 
time, but it keeps both my family and my budget healthy!

Last Minute Hotels

We take a car trip each summer. We had been booking our hotel for the next 
night a day early. For instance, before bed on Monday, we would reserve a 
room for Tuesday night. However, one night last year, we got in late, and I 
didn't have time to make a reservation. The next day, we were busy, so I 
didn't get a chance to find a hotel until after 6pm. I found that many 
hotels will drop rates in the late afternoon or early evening if they have 
empty rooms. Rather than let a room sit empty, they're happy to have it 
filled even if they don't get their full rate. Therefore, I now wait until 
about 6pm and use my phone to see what's available online. I've also 
learned that if I call a lesser chain and get a price, many of the more 
expensive chains will meet it if I ask. There is nothing like getting a 
Marriott discount that puts it in Motel 6 price range!

Giving Money Gifts In Retirement

Just a word of caution about giving away money during retirement years. 
Check with your local Department of Human Services office to see what your 
state policy is on Transfer of Assets. If your circumstances change and you 
need financial help with nursing home care or even home health care (in 
some situations), you could be penalized. All states are different, 
although the state I'm in looks back five years from date of application. 
I'm definitely not trying to discourage giving, but be careful not to cause 
harm to yourself in the process.

Cooking for One

Cooking for one or two people can be hard. Unless you pay up for special 
small packages, it seems that most things are meant for four or five 
people. I've found a way to overcome some of that. When I buy veggies, I 
prep and freeze them on cookie sheets. The next day, I place them in 
freezer bags in an amount that would work for my wife and me. I do this for 
carrots, berries, and any other veggies that will freeze.

Concrete Patio Repair

Our concrete patio has developed a few cracks. It's nothing serious, but 
it's just enough to be noticeable. I thought about trying to patch it, but 
I didn't think that the patches would look much better than the cracks. 
Then I saw where someone had painted their patio to look like flag stones! 
I cleaned it really well and then laid down a base coat of gray. Onto that, 
I used an old rag to add some brown color. Finally, I added the lines that 
defined each stone. I did them in a real dark brown and made sure that they 
ran right where my cracks were. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm getting 
compliments from everyone that sees it!

When to Begin Social Security

My husband and I weren't sure when we should begin collecting Social 
Security. We knew that the longer we waited the more we would get each 
month. It turns out that it's about 8% more. We spoke with a financial 
planner who told us to think about whether we really needed the money right 
away and to think about how long we might live. He also reminded us that 
one of us could start collecting while the other delayed and that one could 
collect 50% of the other's benefit instead of their own benefit if that 
would pay more.

Saving for Vacation

Every year about mid-March, I begin to collect gift cards for vacation. It 
gives me a chance to save, so we don't put the entire trip on our credit 
cards. I watch for special deals. Sometimes I can find $50 restaurant cards 
for $40 for a chain that we would eat at anyway on the road. I look for 
anything that we would be buying during our trip. This year, we're looking 
forward to seeing the Grand Canyon by car. Can't wait!

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