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Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Friday, 20 January 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Getting Rid of Stains

Spot treat stains as soon as possible. Spills and stains are bound to 
happen, but your initial reaction to the mess makes all the difference. 
Fast attention prevents more expensive repairs or removals later on. Treat 
the stain before it has a chance to "set."

Leftover Baking Ingredients

After my holiday baking, I had extra flour and sugar leftover. I don't bake 
often, but I didn't want to throw it out. Therefore, I put the sugar in an 
airtight container that had held pretzels. I taped the flour bag shut and 
put it in my freezer. Now I'll be able to use both the next time the baking 
bug bites.

Snow Blower Magic

I hate it when my snow blower exhaust chute gets plugged up with wet snow. 
I have to turn it off, clear it, and then restart it. It's a real pain. To 
help prevent this from happening, I spray some WD-40(r) into the chute 
before I start it. The snow doesn't seem to stick and I don't have to clear 
the chute nearly as often.

Soggy Salads?

Do you buy the triple-washed spring mix salads to save time, only to find 
that you have to throw out some of the mix due to sogginess? We discovered 
a solution. Simply place one section of a choose-a-size paper towel in the 
package before refrigerating. It will soak up any excess moisture, so you 
can enjoy it all with no waste.

No! No! No!

I admit it. I have a hard time getting through grocery shopping without 
adding extra items to my basket. They look so tempting! I've come up with a 
way to control my spending. It's a "do not buy" list. If I impulse buy 
something and then don't use it, I add it to my list. The list goes with me 
to the grocery store. Just having it is a reminder of all the money I've 
wasted and helps to keep me from repeating the same mistake again and again.

Budget Make-Up

I found a trick that's better than spending more money on high-end 
cosmetics. I found that how you apply the make-up can make less expensive 
brands look better. I went to a local hobby store and bought some quality 
brushes. They were much less expensive than what you'd buy at the cosmetics 
counter and work just the same. I use them for foundations and to apply 
lipstick. Not only do I get a better application, but also I use a smaller 
amount of product. And I look fabulous!

DIY Granite Counter Top Cleaner

I have dark granite counter tops that show smudges. After trying store 
brands with chemicals and not being pleased, I discovered this easy, 
homemade method that works. In a spray bottle, I mix 1/3 cup of isopropyl 
alcohol and one squirt of Dawn(r) dish soap. Then I fill the rest of the 
bottle with water. After shaking the mixture, I apply. When done, I dry the 
counters with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Sauce Stretcher

I had to stretch my spaghetti sauce to accommodate a few last-minute 
guests. I made a roux out of equal parts flour and Italian dressing, 
cooking it in a pot alone to eliminate the flour taste. I slowly added 
chicken broth to thin out a little and then mixed in the sauce I had on 
hand. It tasted so good, so I now do this regularly. With so many different 
dressings out there, the possibilities are endless.

My Cheap Workout

I want to get in shape this year, but I can't afford to join a gym. I 
watched Craigslist for a treadmill but didn't have any luck. Then it hit 
me. My seven-year-old daughter was jumping rope in our basement. Like so 
many parents, I wished I had her energy. I decided to borrow her jump rope 
and use it for my own cardio workout! It's only been ten days, but I'm 
burning calories and I'm sure that I'll be losing weight. Plus, it's a 
great workout. I am doing this in my own house with no membership fees or 
expensive equipment taking up space!

The Library Is Not Obsolete!

Reading books on an iPad, phone, or tablet has become a common practice. 
Popular titles are easy to buy or rent across multiple platforms. However, 
it pays to check out what your local library can offer. Many libraries 
offer programs where borrowers can access even newer titles for free as 
long as they are library members. Ask your library how to borrow electronic 
titles, so you won't have to pay for your next book binge.
Heidi in FL

$30,000 Wedding - Not!

My husband and I didn't have a lot of money for our wedding. My friend 
spent $30,000 on her wedding! We decided to do an alternative wedding. With 
our witnesses (my sister and his best friend), we had a simple civil 
ceremony at the courthouse. I wore a formal dress that I can use later. He 
wore his business suit. While we were getting married, some friends made a 
nice homemade dinner for a wedding party. There were 18 of us. They made a 
roast and a ham with all the sides. Our friends took pictures both during 
the ceremony and at the party. Everyone put them on a Facebook page that we 
created. I've saved all the picture files. We did splurge on a wedding cake 
and some champagne. The whole thing cost less than $1,000 and the money 
that we saved can be used to pay down our student loans.

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