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Dollar Stretcher Tips

on Thursday, 09 March 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Great Lunches

The day after St. Patrick's Day is a great time to score some corned beef 
on sale. When sliced, it makes great sandwiches for my family for lunch. 
I'll even buy an extra one to freeze for later this year.

Handy De-Odorizer

Here's a handy way to get the stink off your hands after you cut up an 
onion. Just rub your hands in used coffee grounds and then wash them. 
Coffee grounds are an excellent odor eater. The gentle scrubbing of the 
grounds will soften your hands, too!

Souvenirs for Less

I enjoy souvenirs from the special events in my life. I like things like 
music CDs from plays that I've seen or t-shirts from museums or theme 
parks. However, I've found that usually the best place to buy a souvenir 
isn't at the play or the museum gift shop. I can usually do better on 
Amazon, eBay, or a local shop after the event.

Junk Mail Revenge!

I've found a way to get off of junk mail lists. I take their pitch, tear it 
up, and return it in the envelope they provide. I make sure to put a return 
address stamp on the envelope, so they know who sent it back to them. Since 
the return envelope is prepaid, they get stuck for the cost of their junk 
mail. I've been doing this for two years, and I rarely get junk mail now!

New Home Construction

We just moved into a new home. We checked out the builder before we signed 
the contract, but to make sure we got his best effort, we let him know that 
we intended to have an inspector check it out before we had the final 
closing. We had heard horror stories from friends and didn't want any 
problems. The inspection cost $350, but it was worth it. Our home is well 
built and we love it!

Taking In Housemates

When we were in college, we thought nothing of having two, three, or more 
housemates. That was common back then. Now that we're empty nesters, it's a 
perfect time to revive the practice. My wife and I have a four-bedroom 
house that we love, but the kids are all grown and it's too big (2700 sq. 
ft.) for just the two of us. It's also too expensive (taxes and mortgage) 
if we're going to save for our retirement in a few years, so we took in two 
housemates. They're boomers like us. We were careful in deciding who we 
would be willing to live with and it's worked out fine. We've become 
friends. We even share dinners most nights. The rent we collect makes our 
mortgage payment much easier to handle. Plus, it's a little like being 20 

End of the Month Test

I knew that my online shopping was becoming a problem when I got my monthly 
Visa bill and couldn't pay all of it. Therefore, I decided to try something 
new. I don't make any purchases until I get my credit card bill. Then I see 
how much I could add to it and still pay off the entire bill. I allow 
myself to spend half that amount. The other half I put into a savings 
account that I just started. I still get to buy some of the things I want, 
but I don't have that sinking feeling when the credit card bill comes each 

The Benefits of Clutter Control

We had a collection of unused and half used samples in our linen closet. 
Between our dentist (small toothpaste tubes) and my husband's travel (half 
used small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc.), we had a huge 
collection. I decided that instead of buying big bottles, we'd use up what 
we had. It's been about four months now, and I haven't had to buy anything. 
I'm reducing the clutter and saving at the same time!

Why I Have Groceries Delivered

I have recently been using a grocery delivery service and find that I am 
actually saving money. I am retired, and when my car gave out, I had been 
relying on family and friends to get me out to the store. I tried the 
service and found a few very good things. Yes, items are expensive, but I 
don't throw junk food into my cart. I can take my time and compare sizes 
and prices at my leisure. I can shop in the early morning in my nightie. 
I'm not bothering anyone or using up their gas. For the most part, quality 
is excellent. I shop every two or three weeks, and I don't worry about 
running out of stuff. Mostly, it gives me back a little bit of independence 
that went away with my car.
Deborah C.

Buying Used Furniture

This is for the person who posted about finding furniture at rental stores. 
My husband works as a furniture repair tech at a rental store, and he says 
that he will never buy sofas or beds from there. The reason is he often 
finds bed bugs or roaches in them. Therefore, if you do buy from them, 
please check very carefully that there are no bed bugs. An infestation 
could cost a lot more in the long run.

Doll Clothing

I have begun to sew doll clothes for my granddaughter's 18" doll. That 
particular doll fetches price tags of $25-$50 per garment. I even ran into 
a yard sale with identical clothing, but they wanted a minimum of $15 per 
item, which was too much for too little. We are talking about dresses no 
larger than the size of my hand! As a solution, I now purchase clothing in 
a thrift clearance center where you pay 49 cents per pound for soft goods. 
A nice man's shirt or an adult woman's cotton dress yields more than enough 
fabric for a doll's wardrobe.
Carol in Ventura

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