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Dollar Stretcher

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Friday, 22 December 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Updating Blinds Here's a cheap update for vertical blinds. You can either spray paint them or cover them with wallpaper. Spraying them is easier and works well on fabric covered blinds. Wallpaper takes more time but can be really dramatic. Since you'r

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Pet Urine Odors If your pet has an accident in the house, here's a way to prevent urine odors. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into a quart of water. Spray it on the spot while the spot is still damp. It'

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Tuesday, 10 October 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Stove Top Cleaning Spray-on oven cleaner works great on the outside of the stove. I use it on the stove top every two weeks. After spraying it on, I wait a few minutes and then wipe it off. Now I have the cleanest stove in town! Becca Saving on Pet H

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Monday, 18 September 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Instead of Dryer Sheets If you don't want to spend the money on dryer sheets or you are sensitive to the fragrance, you can take a piece of foil and ball it up to about golf ball size to get rid of the static without fragrance. And, it'll last you all

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Friday, 18 August 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Lawn Tool Storage Here's a really cheap way to keep rakes, shovels, and brooms organized. Just put three cement blocks on top of each other with the openings facing up. Now drop your tool handle down into the openings! Billy Storage Solution My solu

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Friday, 11 August 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Eye Make-Up Remover Savings As you know, eye makeup remover can be a bit costly. I started going to my local dollar store and buying a tube of their under eye cream. It never irritates my eyes because it's made for eyes. One small tube lasts for a lon

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Thursday, 03 August 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Quick Burgers When I am cooking with hamburger meat, I always make sure that I save enough out to make one hamburger patty that I can freeze for later. In no time, I have several frozen for a quick and easy meal. Legenia Granite Counter Cleanser You

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Monday, 17 July 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Cooler Sleeping We've cut back on our air conditioning this summer, but that's made it hard to sleep at night. I have a ceiling fan, but it doesn't do enough. The last few nights I've misted my top sheet before getting in bed. The circulating air from

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Wednesday, 07 June 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Dinner for 6...Not! Instead of inviting friends over for dinner and drinks, we invite them for breakfast! Eggs are much cheaper than a roast! I can feed everyone without busting my grocery budget. And we find that we enjoy each other's company in the

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Monday, 22 May 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

I enjoy taking on various DIY projects at home. It feels great to fix something that I knew nothing about a few days ago! Sometimes, however, I get in over my head. I've found a way to solve that too. I call the union hall for the appropriate trade. Of

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

Safety First

We just bought a home safe. We were going to have it attached to the 
basement floor, but we were advised that if our basement flooded, the 
important papers stored inside could be damaged. Therefore, we poured a 
square platform about 10" high that the safe sits on. If we have a flood, 
we no longer need to worry about water entering the safe.

Grocery Store Sales Tactics

Most of us know that grocery stores place things like milk in the back, so 
we have to walk through the whole store to get them. Did you know they also 
have certain high profit areas they want you to visit? Instead of taking my 
cart down each aisle, I just do the perimeter of the store. I start with 
the produce section and then head over to meats and dairy. If I need canned 
goods or pasta, I go down that aisle, but I don't "window shop" the grocery 
store anymore. They may want to tempt me, but I can't be tempted by what I 
don't see!

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day coming up, I'd like to pass on this suggestion. Instead 
of giving mom a box of candy or something that she doesn't need, you might 
want to give her something that she can't do for herself. For instance, my 
mom still lives in the home I grew up in, but it's gradually becoming too 
much for her. For Mother's Day, I'll do some inside spring cleaning for her 
while my husband does some outside spring maintenance around her house. 
She's grateful for the help, and it allows her to stay in her beloved home 
for a while longer.

Bank Fees

Recently, due to a screw-up with my employer, I got hit with an overdraft 
fee. The next time I went to the bank I asked to speak with a banker. I 
explained what happened and politely asked that the overdraft fee be 
waived. To my surprise, it was waived! It probably helped that it was a 
local bank, and I've been a customer for years. I figured it couldn't hurt 
to ask, and I saved a $29 fee!

Credit Card Interest

When should you pay your credit card bill? That depends on whether you 
carry a balance or not. If you don't carry a balance, you should wait until 
the last day to pay your bill. You won't be charged any interest unless you 
miss your due date. If you have a balance from previous months, you want to 
get your payment in as soon as you can. You'll be charged interest until 
the day your payment is credited to your account. If get the bill on the 
20th and don't pay until the 30th, you'll add a third of a month's worth of 
interest to your account. Given today's savings rate, that's no bargain!

Charcoal Firestarters

We learned this trick when we were camping and forgot to bring the lighter 
fluid. Another camper suggested that we place a couple of marshmallows on 
top of the charcoal and light them. Being made of sugar, they burn and melt 
to the briquettes. Since we like to roast marshmallows, we always have some 
and there's no need to wait for the fluid smell to go away before starting 
to cook. It's one less thing to remember to bring camping!

Brotherly Love

My two brothers and I didn't spend much time together until we started 
helping each other with home repair/maintenance projects. Now we generally 
take one Saturday a month to work on a project at one of our homes. We get 
to spend time together (we enjoy each other's company), and with three of 
us, we can save quite a bit of money that would otherwise go to 
professional contractors or handymen. It's worked so well that our wives 
are talking about getting together the same day to do some batch cooking!

Auto Insurance Claims

I make a point of updating my car's repair and maintenance record. I also 
take pictures on a regular basis. It all started when my sister's car was 
t-boned. I knew that she kept it in excellent shape, but the insurance 
company insisted on paying her the average trade-in value of a six-year-old 
car. Fortunately, she had the receipts and pictures to show that it was in 
great condition. It took some time, but they finally upped their offer to a 
more retail number. Now I take pictures at least twice a year and keep a 
folder with every receipt related to my car. If I ever need it, I'll be ready.


This year, I took my first ski trip, but I didn't want to buy all the 
winter clothing that goes with it. Therefore, I borrowed a parka, gloves, 
and scarf from a friend of mine who goes skiing every winter. She was glad 
to loan the items to me, as they were just hanging in her closet unused. 
When I got back, she and her boyfriend came over for a dinner I prepared to 
thank her.

Grocery Shopping Trick

Who says that you have to go grocery shopping every week? I've gradually 
stretched it out, so I only go once every two weeks. As a result, my 
grocery bills have come down. I knew that I was adding a few things to my 
basket that weren't on my shopping list, but I had no idea how much they 
were costing me! I can't add things to my basket if I'm not in the store.

Free Senior Fitness

I am almost 70. In California, I belonged to 24 Hour Fitness. I let my 
membership go because there are no facilities in Georgia, but I just found 
out that my Medicare Advantage plan has a Silver Sneakers program, which is 
free to me. It is a widely used program, and many insurance plans have it. 
I figure it saves me the $29 per month I was spending for a gym membership. 
I think because I didn't know about it, many of your readers might not know 
either. You can call your insurance company, check your benefits manual, or 
check your eligibility on I checked my eligibility, and 
they sent me a card in the mail. I live in the sticks and there are 
numerous facilities in my area. I would encourage anyone who has insurance 
and Medicare to check it out. It could save some money. I really love 
Dollar Stretcher and read every issue. Keep up the good work and may you 

Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Friday, 07 April 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Decorator Swap My next door neighbor and I both wanted to redecorate our living rooms, but we didn't have money to spend. We decided to swap end tables, coffee tables, and table lamps. We each got a brand new look and didn't spend a dime! Maria The

3/23/17: Dollar Stretcher Tips content

on Thursday, 23 March 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Raising Your Savings I recently got my first raise in a couple of years. We need the money, but I decided to have a third of my raise automatically deposited into my emergency fund account. By doing this, I'll have the money when it's really important

3/16/17: Dollar Stretcher Tips

on Friday, 17 March 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Prepped for Next Fall Now is the perfect time to buy clothes for next fall and for next Christmas. Stores are discounting anything they have left on their shelves. I'm also going to buy new flannel sheets if I can find some on sale! Melodie Subtle De

Dollar Stretcher Tips

on Thursday, 09 March 2017. Posted in Dollar Stretcher

Great Lunches The day after St. Patrick's Day is a great time to score some corned beef on sale. When sliced, it makes great sandwiches for my family for lunch. I'll even buy an extra one to freeze for later this year. Joanna Handy De-Odorizer Here'
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