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  • Heaven’s Hope brings Swamp Fox Highland Games

Heaven’s Hope brings Swamp Fox Highland Games

on Tuesday, 20 November 2018. Posted in Good life, Faith, Local News, FEATURES, Sports


This past weekend the first annual Swamp Fox Highland Games were held. Heaven’s Hope put the event together in order to raise funds for the future of the organization.


According to Heaven’s Hope, “The state of South Carolina is home to a substantial number of medically fragile children. The term medically fragile refers to children with chronic medical conditions who are prone to frequent hospitalizations. This population of our youth requires continuous skilled nursing care and multiple forms of supportive therapy on a daily basis. Due to the fact that a growing number of families are either unwilling or unable to care for these children, they are being placed in hospitals or therapeutic foster homes. Our plan is to create a long-term care facility that will provide holistic care, meeting the medical needs of these precious children, but also rendering the emotional support of a loving home. At this time, we have many expenses due to the fact we are pioneering the first medically fragile children’s home in the state of South Carolina. We are currently working with DSS and the medically fragile program at the state level to establish the magnitude of care necessary to meet the need across our state. Our current need is financial support for the initial start of our home. This need encompasses, but is not limited to, application fees, marketing, establishing and customizing a building to meet state regulations and the children’s needs, legal necessities, and coverage for executive.”


Due to the many sponsors of the Swamp Fox Highland Games, Heaven’s Hope was able to make a profit with the sale of their first ticket. Some of the sponsors of were Dr. Chris and Mrs. Beth Paramore, Bean Builders, LLC, The Windham family, Eastern Carolina Community Foundation: Emily and Weave Whitehead Family Fund, Betty S. Campbell Charitable Foundation, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pavy, ACS Technologies, Professional Pharmacy Services, Inc., King Haigler Athletic Club, The Moechel family, Alleyway Printing, Eastern Carolina Pediatric Associates, Florence Pediatric Dentristy, Medic Ambulance of South Carolina, LLC, R and R Sounds, BOS Burch Oxner Seale Certified Public Accountants, ADP, The Toy Shop Florence, Twisted Kilt Athletics, and Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.


The event also had many venders along with traditional highland games, a border collie demonstration, a kids glen, the highland themed band, Black Iron Gathering, and a demonstration of traditional dances.


Six different clans participated in the highland games. Heaven’s Hope described clans in the following way “The word ‘clan’ comes from the Gaelic and means children, and its members claimed kinship from the common ancestor whose name they bore, and even the poorest clansman considered themselves of nobler birth than any southerner. Every Clan has its own distinct tartan, plaid pattern. No Games would be complete with the Clan Village, which encircles the athletic field.” The six clans that were in attendance at the Swamp Fox Games were Clan Mackintosh, Clan Donnachaidh of the Carolinas, Clan Cameron Palmetto, Clan Henderson Society, and Clan McLeod.


Some of the games at the event were the open stone, a stone throw, similar to the Olympic shot put, the braemar stone which is the same as the open stone only it is larger and must be thrown from a standing position, the heavy weight for distance, where metal weight attached to a chain with a handle is thrown with one hand from a throwing area. The weight can be of various shapes and sizes, including spherical, bullet, or box shaped. Another game was the sheaf. While many dispute the origins of this event, it is a mainstay at most big games. A 16 or 20 lb. burlap bag of hay or twine is tossed with a pitchfork over a bar, or standard.  The goal is to toss it the highest.  Each competitor gets three attempts at each height.


There were two border collies at the highland games named Rose and Bobbi who put on a demonstration with sheep and ducks to show off their herding skills. Border collies are part of the rich Scottish history. Many patrons, especially the children, enjoyed watching the border collies herd the animals. 


The Scottish American Military Society was also in attendance at the event. They opened up for the games. SAMS, is a group of individuals who have served in the military and can trace back their heritage to the British Isles. The group loves coming to highland games and was honored to be a part of the inaugural ceremony for the Swamp Fox Highland Games. Commander Kenneth A. Lloyd and his wife Deb look forward to events like these all the time. They enjoy helping people trace back their family roots to the British Isle as well. Renee Cabaup, who works closely with SAMS, helps to raise funds for Stop Soldier Suicide. She does so by creating pins out of retired American flags that are not safe to burn due to being made out of nylon. Together , Cabaup and SAMS, work together to help veterans and others in their community.


Amanda Braunwalder, the Media Director for Heaven’s Hope, said that it was so exciting to get to see the event all come together. She enjoyed getting to watch people of the community come together and get excited about the event and about Scottish heritage. Amanda, along with executive director Rachel Lee, continue to work together to make Heaven’s Hope a reality for medically fragile children. A huge part of their mission is to show that medically fragile children are no different from other children, they just might have a little bit more equipment. 


If you attended the event, Heaven’s Hope would appreciate your feed back. You can do as with the following link


If you want to get involved with the mission of Heaven’s Hope to provide a home for medically fragile children. You can contact them via their Facebook page at Heaven’s Hope Inc.

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