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  • Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue saves lives

Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue saves lives

on Tuesday, 02 October 2018. Posted in Faith, Local News

Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue saves lives

Hartsville – Just before Cedar Creek, not too far from Patrick Way, exists a place that is as gorgeous as it is welcoming. Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue is a place were nature, horses, and relaxation come together to create the perfect place to get away from the daily exhaustion of everyday life.

David Baruch is the Ranch Director along with Jeremy Cummings who is the Ranch Supervisor. Together, along with other employees and some volunteers, the group takes care of a whole country zoo worth of animals. Deer Creek Ranch is a horse rescue facility. They currently have 22 horses along with some other animals such as goats, chickens, donkeys, pot-belly pigs, and even a rooster who likes to take selfies. The non-horse animals are a part of the petting zoo at Deer Creek Ranch. But for many of the horses at Deer Creek Ranch, this is a second chance.
Baruch says that the ranch is not a drop off, but rather a rescue for horses who are in a bad situation and need a new home. Often times people do not realize the amount of work and money that goes into taking care of a horse. As a result of their poor planning, horses tend to end up not getting the care they need. The first horse that Baruch took in was named Tex. The owner of the horse was going to put Tex down because they thought he had a lame leg. Baruch rescued Tex. As it turns out, Tex did not have a lame leg at all. After some proper care and attention, it was revealed that Tex had a stick in his hoof. He is now well adjusted and loving life on the ranch.

The horses at Deer Creek Ranch are all taken care of on a daily basis. They are groomed, cleaned, fed, and exercised. The horses are very friendly as well. They are known for coming up to people when approached at the gate. Each horse has a name and story.

The dream for Deer Creek Ranch is for it to become self sufficient. It is considered a non-profit so all the proceeds that the ranch makes go right back to the horses. Deer Creek Ranch has trained all of the horses to be able to do trail walks. They are also able to be petted and ridden.
The petting zoo brings in money for the ranch as well. Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue does birthday parties, trail rides, and has the petting zoo. Eventually they plan to have holiday hay rides as they have recently obtained an authentic Amish buggy all the way from Ohio. There are over 80 acres of land for everyone to be able to enjoy.

Deer Creek Ranch and Horse Rescue is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

They are always looking for volunteers and love for people to visit and learn the horses’ stories.

To donate and for more information go to https:// or visit their Facebook page

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